Laser in dentistry - the modern trend of nowadays -

Laser in dentistry – the modern trend of nowadays

Laser in dentistry - the modern trend of nowadays

Applications of laser have been popular for decades in the fields of medicine in general. Laser can be used in surgery, dermatology, eye, obstetrics … And obviously, this advanced technology has helped the Odonto Stomatology more effective treatment than expected. Laser in dentistry is becoming a trend today.

Laser in dentistry is a gentle, time-saving, and the results of treatment very well.

We can see some special applications of laser in dentistry as follows:

  • Used in soft tissue surgery
  • Endodontic treatment, periodontics
  • Bio-stimulation
  • Treatment of the skin of the mouth
  • Teeth whitening

With state-of-the-art laser technology, pre-set treatment modes are available. Each mode of operation will correspond to the different treatment needs of each disease.

How does laser in dentistry work?

@In the treatment of tooth pulp: Laser removal bacteria more radical than traditional methods. Not only that, it helps the treatment area healing faster.

The preparation of the canal pulp is more accurate, resulting in higher success rates.

@Laser treatment for gum disease, periodontitis, inflammation around the implant is very effective. Just bactericidal, isolate the lesion surface, stop the bleeding and reduce pain.

@In the biological stimulation effect, often the laser in the dentistry will be installed low capacity. The doctor will control the light to stimulate the healing.

  • Enhanced anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Proliferating healthy tissue.
  • Stimulates the tissue in the wound, the scar heals faster and early functional rehabilitation.

@In aesthetics, you can see the application of laser is cutting gums. Creating neat and beautiful gums line. In addition, it can handle papillae in the mouth quickly without causing any discomfort.

@Whitening teeth: Lasers accelerate the whitening process three times more than other methods don’t cause sensitivity. In particular, this technology can help bleach separate individual teeth. Suitable for situations when patients have mixed teeth (also have Veneer, porcelain crown)

As can be seen, laser in dentistry is less invasive but high effective.

Laser in dentistry - the modern trend of nowadays
Laser in dentistry – the modern trend of nowadays

Laser in dentistry fully meets both physician and patient expectations:

With high quality European product, Laser Dr.Smile, manufactured in 100% in Italy. Fully meet the strict medical standards, will bring the convenience, accuracy for doctors treatment; At the same time the results are excellent, improving the quality of treatment for patients.

Note: For each treatment, there will be different capacities, projection time as well as other technical requirements. Therefore, the use of laser in dentistry in particular or laser technology in general, should comply with safety regulations.

Dr.Smile dental laser has an intelligent management system, which is pre-installed from simple to advanced modes. Help the doctor treat it comfortably, easily select the most appropriate function, follow the details and know the results of treatment.


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Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is proud to be the center of specialized cosmetic dentistry in Vung Tau City; Always apply the most advanced technology systems today.

With a team of trained doctors, clinical practice with new technology (100% success rate).

Our Clinic is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service and peace of mind during treatment.



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