Gummy smile, what treatments are appropriate? -

Gummy smile, what treatments are appropriate?

Gummy smile, what treatments are appropriate?

A nice smile is appreciated not only in bright, regular teeth, but also in the level of unfolded gum when you smile. And surely, anyone who accidentally owns a gummy smile, will find lack of confidence in communication because of the less graceful of this condition. What solution will help you?

In fact, the gummy smile is just a minor defect in the gum area. And the specific manifestation of this situation is the degree of unfolded gum when you laugh. It is possible that the area of the openings is 3mm or more, and affect the aesthetics of the mouth and the face.

Gummy smile, what treatments are appropriate?
Gummy smile, what treatments are appropriate?

Depending on the cause, the doctor will have the most appropriate treatment for gummy smile.

  1. The reason comes from the muscles lifting the lips:

With some patients, the muscles of the lips are quite active, leading to the phenomenon of laughter, the upper lip is raised too high to expose the gums.

Solution: surgical or non-surgical.

  • In light situations: the doctor may inject the fluid into the lips, reducing the activity of the muscles lifting the lips. When the patient laughs, the upper lip will not be stretched to the top again, and the exposal of gingival is reduced.
  • With a heavy gummy smile: a doctor is required to undergo surgery. At time, need to cut a part of muscle groups to lift the lips, to reduce the tension on the upper – lower, which distributes the force to the sides. During the course of the procedure, the patient will be anesthetized.
  1. Gummy smile due to tooth structure:

In this situation, you will find the crown very short, looking out of balance compared to the rate of normal teeth.

Or there are patients with thick bones that cover the teeth, giving rise to the gums, and also exposing the gums when they laugh.

Solution: will intervene by surgery.

  • Short Teeth: The doctor will redesign the size of the teeth and prune a portion of the gums to reveal the crown. Thus, the proportion of teeth and gums will be more balanced. When laughing, it will also reduce the exposal of the gums.
  • Bone thickening situation: The doctor will need to detach the gums, thin the posterior bone, then gown the aesthetic gingival part with shaping suitable for the new crown.

And two cases of gummy smile are not less popular than the two cases above:

  1. The abnormality in the gums:

In some cases, the patient has a strong gum area (congenital or hypertrophic after gingivitis …), causing the gums to grow thicker and longer than others. This will overflow the crown and cover part of the tooth.

Solution: Your doctor will cut a gum and use plastic surgery to increase the length of the crown, or decrease the height of the gums. This will reduce the phenomenon of gummy smile.

  1. Causes of unbalanced bone development:

In this case, you will easily to see in the object have protruding teeth. When the jawbone develops excessively, protruding outwards, the teeth and gums pop out. Makes the patient move their lips or laughs will expose the gums very clearly.

This patient is very loss of self-confident because of the many bad aggregation. And the solution to this situation will be more complex than the above situations.

Solution: Surgical combination of dental braces.

  • Certainly, surgical intervention to move the upper jaw slides to the back significantly reduces the level of dental protruding teeth.
  • At the same time, if a patient experiences a situation where the teeth are outgrowth or inconsistent. The doctor will have to combine the braces to reshape the correct position.
  • If the upper lip is tensed, or the gums cover the teeth too much. The doctor will continue to incorporate the above shared solutions to the combined treatment for this mixed situation.

If you are in a situation of gummy smile, and want to find the balance of the face. Go to reputable dental centers, have a team of doctors trained in depth to be examined and advised specifically for his case.

Note: Only experienced doctors can choose the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Wish you soon find a beautiful smile and confidence in life.

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