Small tips to help you brushing your baby teeth easier. -

Small tips to help you brushing your baby teeth easier.

Small tips to help you brushing your baby teeth easier.

Each stage of development of the child, we will encounter different difficulties. Oral hygiene for small angels is also a “big problem” and “mental disorder” of the parents. The following tips will help you “turn” the brushing your baby teeth easier.

According to the experience of the mother, the children at about 1 year old will be very stubborn and rarely sit still to brush their teeth. They always refuse, scream, uncomfortable and make it is difficult, this will cause the risk of tooth decay, and then affect the permanent teeth later.

Children’s dental experts will offer some tips, to help parents get more tips brushing your baby teeth easier.

  1. Instead of the imposition, you should model for the child.

If you are busy and just ordered “brush your teeth” and let your baby do it alone, he or she will never brush their teeth voluntarily. The baby is not aware of the need for oral hygiene, so this will be considered a boring, not interesting.

Therefore, you should create interest for children, both parents brush the teeth, and join the baby. Adults show interest in brushing, white foam flushes out the mouth, humorous gestures a little, this will attract children and make him think “this game is fun”. Kids will be tempted by the humor the parents usually do, and baby will claim to brush. That is successful.

  1. Creating Interactive:

Babies often enjoy interacting with their parents as friends. So why do not you make combing into a fun game?

Let your baby brush your teeth and you brush their teeth. The baby may like it very much, like putting the baby draw on your face and both of you hug each other with joke humor.

  1. Integrates with attractive baby tunes:

There are funny tunes about brushing the baby. You just have to clean their teeth, create distractions and increase the interest.

Communicating with children always requires lightness, time and perseverance.

You can choose more options below to help brushing your baby teeth easier:

  1. Make baby own decisions

You can give your child a choice of colors, preferred brush designs, or choose a toothpaste (of course, check that the toothpaste is of a clear, safe source).

When the baby is in full control of such “big”, he will be more interested in brushing his teeth every day.

When your baby is older and brush your teeth with mother, you should give your baby a mirror look at how to brush teeth. He is observing what he is doing, and how he will make him feel more interesting.

In addition, if your baby likes to brush his or her own teeth, you should encourage him or her, but in the end do check the cleanup. Always praise your child first, and “seduce” a little bit to make they’re happy and to let you brush their teeth again.

  1. Oath not be subdued:

If after applying all the above tips that are not effective, the only way to squeeze the child. Do not use the whip or screams because it will make your baby more hard-headed.

Small tips to help you brushing your baby teeth easier.
Small tips to help you brushing your baby teeth easier.

You can hold your baby back, your arms holding the baby chin, the other hand brush the baby teeth. Just singing, just like the “baby germs it here, let the mother to destroy it”, or use the humorous gestures to soothe the baby, distract and brush their teeth.

So we have more “tactics” to help you kill the discomfort and help brushing your baby teeth easier. Even if they are young, eating without proper dental hygiene will lead to tooth loss.

A small note for parents to help brushing your baby teeth easier:

  • When your baby starts to grow the first teeth, you have to clean their teeth with a soft cloth moistened with water.
  • When your baby is older than 18 months, you can use specialized toothpaste. Each time you use the toothpaste just take small amounts (thin line or size same the green pea by age increase).
  • After age 6, children can share toothpaste with adults.
  • Oral hygiene at least 2 times a day, important before bedtime.
  • You should accompany your child to about 8-9 years old, and then you can leave they do alone.
  • Note: When your child is 18 months old, it is recommended that you start a regular doctor visit to help your child have good oral hygiene and orientate his or her permanent teeth to grow better later.

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