Should have Lingual Braces? -

Should have Lingual Braces?

Should have Lingual Braces?

Of course, if you first hear this phrase, you will be very curious. In the past, only the braces were attached to the front surface of the teeth, which made it appear to be quite obvious and sometimes made the patient feel shy. How will the fixation of the Lingual braces, and how is effective?

Let’s find out together. Lingual braces also have a name called are braces behind the teeth (by the tongue and palate). This is a very orthodox method that requires a doctor’s high skill. This method increases the aesthetics of the user, helping them to be confident in their work and daily life.

Should have Lingual Braces?
Should have Lingual Braces?

In terms of function, the method of lingual braces is the same as other traditional dental brace methods. Also use wires and brackets to pull the wrong teeth to the right place. However, brackets will be attached to the back of the teeth instead of the front as other methods of braces.

The bracket of this method is quite diverse, can use metal bracket, porcelain bracket … wire is still selected stainless steel.

If you have read the article information:

“Braces with metal bracket”

“System of aesthetic brackets – Porcelain bracket”

You will notice the obvious aesthetic trend when patients want to use porcelain bracket for the classic dental braces.

However, if you choose the method of  Lingual braces, usually just use metal braces are appropriate.

Advantages of Lingual braces

This is an advanced method of braces, has many advantages, but not everyone can apply.

@ Lingual braces have high aesthetics:

Lingual braces fixed on the inside by concealing the brackets on the inside of the teeth, so the opposite person if not careful attention will not recognize you are braces.

For patients who are active in the public sphere, expecting their images to appear spontaneously while still being treated for braces, this is the right approach for you.

You will confidently laugh and say quite naturally, not be afraid to reveal brackets,  a bunch of elastic or steel wire as the old type of braces.

Therefore, this aesthetic advantage over other methods of braces outside.

@ High orthodontic effect:

Although brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth, it is difficult to move the teeth to the desired position. But in fact, the effect of this method is quite high. The contraction or pulling of the braces and wire, which are moderately and reasonably calibrated, will help stabilize and produce satisfactory results.

However, this is a difficult method so along with the advantages you will realize they also have quite a few shortcomings.

What are the disadvantages of Lingual braces?

@ First, you will find it uncomfortable to use this braces.

With braces attached to the outside, discomfort occurs when the cheek area is exposed to braces during the first 7-10 days.

With Lingual braces, the discomfort will appear permanently because your tongue will touch the bracket and the wire almost 24/24 … early time unfamiliar your tongue may be prickly, slightly painful and uncomfortable. However, do not worry too much because this feeling will gradually disappear.

Should have Lingual Braces?
Should have Lingual Braces?

@ Second, difficulty in oral hygiene:

It is important to share that when you choose Lingual braces, you must be very patient.

With the inside of the tooth, you usually have to spend a lot of time cleaning it. In case of Lingual braces, it is obvious that cleaning will be more difficult.

To brush teeth, the space between teeth with braces, the neck of teeth… will take quite a long time to complete.

However, you do not need too much worry, as now, the cleaning tools to help clean the teeth for bracing objects are very rich and convenient.

@ Third, the cost of treatment is quite high:

As a share on, this is the method of difficult braces, requiring techniques, professional skills of doctors should be high. The more experience, the more gentle treatment for both patients and doctors.

The balance of the traction, as well as the placement of bracket when applying Lingua braces fixation is not as simple as the external fixation. Doctors have to calculate every detail meticulously, monitor progress more often than usual, strength control is also harder than braces on the outside.

Therefore, the cost of treatment of Lingual braces is higher than other braces.

Currently, the system of braces is always improved better, gradually overcome the inherent weaknesses. And create more advantages for patients. The Lingual braces (on the inside) is still very popular with consumers, as well as proven to deliver high levels of stability.

The results of the treatment will vary from person to person, so there should have Lingual braces or not, you can consult the professional team of orthodontists at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic about your specific case.

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