Braces with metal bracket -

Braces with metal bracket

Braces with metal bracket have never been outdated in today’s braces. Although they are classified as longstanding aesthetic braces, but they are the most commonly used, most widely used in the world. And the treatment effect is always excellent quality.

So, what are the braces with metal bracket?

Obviously, you can find information about braces with metal bracket that are widely shared on public information sites, or you have ever heard from a doctor advise about this device. However, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic would like to share more detail so that you can understand more deeply.

Orthodontic braces with metal bracket can be understood as a traditional orthodontic treatment. The effect of this method is to rearrange the position of the teeth on your jaw. The defects of the teeth such as protruding teeth, underbite teeth, deviation teeth, tight or sparse … will be improved and give a result in quite fine with a set of beautiful teeth.

The metal bracket will obviously be made of metal, but the alloys chosen will have pretty strict standards. Because this material must be compatible with the human body, no allergenic, no harm during the process of attachment in the mouth.

You can see the structure of the metal bracket is quite simple. With a flat bottom surface to be attached to the tooth surface, the rest is molded into block and have the groove surface for the archwire to pass through.

And this archwire will be fixed in the bracket by a special elastic cord (O-ring) in dentistry. This O-ring is very elastic, material is also compatible non-toxic to the human body.

For adults, they usually choose white or gray colored elastic O-ring to match the bracket. However, with young children, dental elastics will often have a lot of beautiful colors for the baby to choose, to reduce the boredom of teeth with shiny metal brackets.

And note that, despite the good elastic, but after a period of use they will also be stretched and burst out of the bracket. Therefore, you should observe and visit periodically as directed by your doctor, to promptly handle unwanted situations occur.

Braces with metal bracket bring outstanding orthodontic effect
Braces with metal bracket bring outstanding orthodontic effect

Which cases are used braces with metal bracket?

Most cases of braces require bracket, so the metal bracket are always introduced first. Because of its availability, high efficiency and low cost, braces with metal bracket are always preferred by professionals for customer’ situations that do not require high aesthetics.

Specific cases such as:

  • Irregular teeth, sparse or crowded.
  • Protruding teeth or underbite
  • Protruding canine tooth.
  • Malformed joint bite.

What are the advantages of braces with metal bracket?

  • High therapeutic efficacy:

With metal braces, in practice, has brought effective outstanding of braces. Under the supervision of experienced doctors, the process of braces will be continuous and stable. This results in high quality treatment.

  • Low cost of treatment:

Currently, metal braces are evaluated for low-cost treatment.

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With a simple design, the material can be made of inox or stainless steel, so the price will be cheaper than porcelain.

  • Widely used in all cases of orthodontics

From simple to complex situations, metal braces will always respond well to treatment.

What are the disadvantages of braces with metal bracket?

For some patients, the aesthetic factor during treatment always makes them must think. Therefore, although metal braces are commonly used, but also reveal the following defects:

@ Aesthetics is not high:

Because the material is made of metal, the color will make the teeth are treated not beautiful. Therefore, with patients who are not interested in aesthetic factors, this is the best option.

@ Uncomfortable in the mouth:

With all braces systems, this disadvantage also exists. However, after the first 7-10 days after attaching braces, you will get used to this feeling and soon forget that “strange body”.

@ Large friction force:

Because the archwire must be fixed in the metal bracket with dental elastics O-ring, this creates a great amount of friction, and reduces the possibility of moving between the teeth, thus increasing the number of doctor visits to adjust the pulling force to fit.

At the same time, the possibility of peeling off the elastic O-ring is more frequent. You should also observe to monitor this process.

In summary, braces with metal bracket is a method of orthodontic braces that are effective in both treatment and cost. Important thing, you have to choose where to practice seriously and prestige, with experienced doctors so that both the treatment process will go smoothly and bring about the outstanding result.

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