System of aesthetic brackets - porcelain bracket -

System of aesthetic brackets – porcelain bracket

System of aesthetic brackets - porcelain bracket

In society, when there is no food – no clothes, people just have something to eat and clothing to cover the body. But as life improves, human needs do not stop there, we need to eat better, wear better … and use braces with porcelain bracket to be more aesthetic than traditional braces in the orthodontist braces.

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“Braces system in orthodontic treatment”

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You will better understand why I share my opinion about the choice of this brace in orthodontics to achieve aesthetic throughout the braces.

Braces use porcelain bracket just like braces with metal bracket, but the difference here is in the design. And materials that make this bracket, helping patients feel more confident when communicating.

What is braces with porcelain bracket?

Braces with porcelain bracket is a common orthodontic method, also uses the system includes bracket, archwire, dental elastic O-ring … to balance the teeth to the correct position on the jaw.

System of aesthetic brackets - porcelain bracket
System of aesthetic brackets – porcelain bracket

However, as the name implies, porcelain bracket will be made of high-grade dental porcelain. Therefore, the color of bracket looks like the color of your teeth. This is aesthetic advantage over metal bracket. And hit the shy mentality, or embarrassment of today’s youth. So if metal bracket are usually applied to small children, porcelain bracket are chosen for more adults.

In addition, I would also to share more, if you want to improve the aesthetics (external appearance) during the orthodontic treatment. In addition to the way you choose porcelain bracket or porcelain bracket self-locking. In the other way have higher aesthetics: Invisalign braces.

However, transparent braces (Invisalign) are also restricted if you have a complex or devious orthodontic case. (about this method will be shared in another post)

When do apply the braces with porcelain bracket?

As a method of braces with metal bracket, metal bracket self-locking, the braces with porcelain bracket also apply when the patient has the following diseases:

  • Deviated teeth, crowded together or sparse teeth.
  • Protruding teeth or underbite
  • Protruding canine tooth.
  • Malformed joint bite.

The orthodontic effect of braces with porcelain bracket is high and enhanced by aesthetics. So today’s braces tend to favor the use of this braces.

And finally, what are the advantages of braces with porcelain bracket??

@ The most recognizable feature is the aesthetics:

Not only professional comments, but much of the patient’s opinion. When patients are using orthodontic devices, the hope is that the end result is a solution to handle their problem.

In addition to the end result, in the course of wearing braces, can be from 12 to 24 months, many cases of complexity can last longer than 36 months. Because of the need to live together for a long time, patients are really interested in what their “appearance” will look like when wearing “strange objects” on teeth.

The color of the porcelain bracket is almost the same as the color of the teeth, so it does not create any “difference” and makes the patient feel confident in communication.

This is the success of the aesthetics of porcelain bracket, porcelain braces self-locking.

@ High orthodontics effect:

With the effect of traction, the cords slide in the grooves of the bracket, the teeth will be moved to the appropriate position.

If using classical porcelain bracket, it is still possible to work with a dental elastic O-ring to keep the cord fixed in the slot, and still generate friction.

But if the patient chooses a self-locking type of braces, it minimizes friction, and shortens the duration of treatment. However, the use of this type requires the doctor to have a lot of experience adjusting force appropriate.

In addition to the above two advantages, dental porcelain material made porcelain bracket is very safe assessment of the human body. And with modern technology, porcelain bracket break is not as easy as it once was.

Thus, with the trend of today’s aesthetics, the need to find the perfect beauty of teeth steadily is a practical demand. And in the dentistry, it is constantly evolving every day to keep up with the latest technology, as well as the best materials, to meet every patient’s needs.

Finally, I would like to note that the condition and outcome of each person’s treatment are different. Therefore, to get the best results, you should be examined and treated at a reputable dental clinic. With a team of doctors and specialists who have been practicing for many years and are very successful at many different situations.

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