9 most common oral symptoms in dentistry -

9 most common oral symptoms in dentistry

In daily life, there are many warning signs about the myriad of risks that lead to dangerous diseases. In dentistry, we can easily see 9 common oral symptoms, and if you do not care in time, the consequences will not be as simple as you think.

Group 1 of oral symptoms you easier to see in the life:

1/ Toothache:

Most of the consultative clinic questions, they all have oral symptoms such as: “Doctor please, I have dental pain, what should I do?”

And when you feel the pain, even the smallest sign, you should think of the tooth decay is attacking you. If the persistent pain persists and can make you unable to sleep all night long, then think of the problem of inflamed pulp teeth.

Signs of toothache also warn about other conditions such as abscesses or wisdom teeth.

Early detection and treatment will help you avoid the risk of losing your beloved teeth.

2/ Tooth sensitivity

This case estimates more than half of the adult population had. This is probably the most common oral symptom.

If you feel sensitive when eating cold or hot food, it is a sign that you have tooth sensitivity. It can be caused such as tooth decay, broken teeth, peeling old filling pieces, wear enamel or erosion.

Depending on the cause, there are different treatments. You should not treat yourself, but should go to the dental clinic for the doctor to check and have appropriate treatment.

Group 2 of oral symptoms make you have a little confused:

3/ Bleeding gums

You may have two or three times experiencing bleeding gums in your life. In some cases mild, it will go away, or if more pain will cause you difficulty in eating leads to swollen gums or gingivitis.

The specific reason sometimes because you use a hard bristle toothbrush, which will make your gum damage when brushing, or brushing your teeth too hard can also cause bleeding gums. On the other hand, if you use improper dental floss, pressure too much can cause bleeding gums too. In these cases, just replace the soft bristles, gently brush or adjust the pressure of the dental floss, then everything will be fine.

But if you have swollen gums that cause bleeding, then you need to go to the dentist for thorough examination and treatment. Avoid complications that cause more serious illnesses.

4/ Jaw pain, fatigue of jaw

When you have this oral symptom, there are many measures to check and diagnose. The cause of this disease is quite a lot, may be due to sinus disease, tooth decay, jaw joint disorders (arthritis, grinding teeth …) or injury.

Group 3 of oral symptoms always make you worry:

5/ Bad breath

This is a one of oral symptoms that makes people feel the world around them is dark, causing the patient to lose confidence in communication, leading to embarrassment, reduced coverage and accidentally reduced the quality of the conversation in their life.

There is no comprehensive survey of how many people suffer from this disease. However, if in a small study group, depending on the survey area will vary from 22% to 50% of people with bad breath.

And among people with bad breath, about 90% of the causes come from the mouth. More specifically, problems with teeth and tongue.

9 most common oral symptoms in dentistry
9 most common oral symptoms in dentistry

Compounds of gas with a characteristic odor such as hydrogen sulphide, ethyl mercaptan derived from food and bacteria exist in plaque on the tongue or in the teeth. Or odor from the inflammation of the gums, periodontitis …

Other causes are diseases of the nose, stomach, intestines, liver, kidney … and often bad breath is a sign associated with many other signs.


6/ Dry mouth

The feeling of dry mouth really does cause a lot of discomfort in the sick person. This may be due to side effects of some long-acting medicines (usually antibiotics). Or is it a sign of a body disease that causes the body to lose water, reduce saliva … to make dry mouth.

The value of saliva is tremendous, saliva helps keep the moisture in the mouth, prevents tooth decay, cleans food, neutralizes food acids, and prevents some bacteria that prefer a dry environment will not have the opportunity to grow.

If your dry mouth persists even if you have sufficient water to supply your body, you should see a doctor to help you restore moisture to the oral cavity.

Group 4 of oral symptoms also important which you have to remember

7/ Traumatic Infections:

In the mouth suddenly appear sores, blistering, fungal infection, or inflammation in the wounds you attach a strange object (hooks). Or sometimes by braces, steel thread hit to the cheek, also causes lesions and sore mouth.

9 most common oral symptoms in dentistry
9 most common oral symptoms in dentistry

What disease heal that disease, know the reason will be extremely easy to correct it.

8/ Fractured or cracked teeth

When the teeth are cracked or fractured by accident, due to enamel brittle, due to bad habits grinding teeth …Can cause the pain when eating. You should go to the dentist early for diagnosis and treatment.

9/ Yellow Stain Teeth

Another common oral symptoms dental problem is stained teeth, yellowing of teeth.

Of course, over time, your teeth will be affected by the environment, age … so it may be a little yellow color. Sometimes teeth come in from a number of foods, such as dark colored foods, persistence (curry, red soft drinks, coca …). Or by the side effects of certain medications.

With today’s technology, whitening is very easy. However, choose a reputable clinic that is safe for your health.

You can speak directly with the doctor of the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic on your oral health problems and your family members.

You will be very relaxed and comfortable, because our motto is: “YOUR SMILE IS OUR HAPPINESS”

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