Dental Implants Specialists' Answers to Common Questions from Patients (Part 1) -

Dental Implants Specialists’ Answers to Common Questions from Patients (Part 1)

Dental Implants Specialists' Answers to Common Questions from Patients (Part 1)

Dental implants have been appeared around for over 40 years and dental implants are a great advance in medicine. This method as a miracle helps to restore the integrity of lost teeth. However, there are still a lot of questions about the dental implant.

Let transplant experts at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic assist you with information and help you better understand the problem of dental implants.

1/ Dental implants cause allergies?

Implant material is neutral, the main component is non-contaminated Titanium metal. This material is compatible with the human body. Therefore, you will not have to fear that implants will cause allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions can only occur when you choose restoration on implants with materials that have common metal or plastic components.

If your physique is sensitive, irritated, talk to your treating doctor for the most complete solution.

2/  Implant teeth as good as real teeth?

Implant teeth are as good as real teeth.

Not only the aesthetic guarantee as real teeth, but many cases Implant teeth are more solid than real teeth.

Implant dentistry performs effective chewing functions and gives you a better feeling in life.

Of course, this will be true if you have the right care.

3/ Tobacco users, do they have a dental implants?

This is a question that needs to be answered by many different opinions.

In fact, if a person falls into a cigarette addiction, the amount of cigarettes consumed in a day can be more than 15 cigarettes. If so, the risk of implant failure is huge.

As the scientific studies have shown, cigarette smoking is harmful to the heart, lungs … and teeth (periodontal disease, severe tartar, laryngitis, throat …)

The ingredients in cigarettes such as nicotine, carbone monoxide … prevent healing, reduce oxygen in the blood, cause anemia in the dental implants area and increase sensitivity to “strange objects – implants”.

At the same time, bone quality decreases dramatically (2-3 times less solidity in long term smokers), new cells become more difficult to produce, causes osteoporosis in the implant area, it also has the potential for infection in Implant very high (the body has reduced immunity).

Therefore, for those who smoke or depending on the level of cigarette smoking, if you need to implant you must really comply with the doctor. Patients must stop smoking three weeks prior to surgery, and then continue to abstain for 6-8 weeks.

And after completing the restoration of the new tooth, dental hygiene care must pay more attention to avoid inflammation dislodged implant teeth.

4/ Stimulants, alcohol and affect the dental Implants:

More than 50% of our adult population is related to alcoholic beverages such as alcohol.

The harm of alcohol is not less than the harm of tobacco. Alcohol causes heart, liver disease, intestine, kidney disease, metabolic disorders, immunosuppression, prolonged healing, and bone loss. These harms will be the risk of making the transplant unsuccessful.

And of course, depending on the patient’s medical condition, and the degree of cooperation with the doctor during treatment, the results of implant placement will vary.

5/ When transplanting teeth, other people can know it?

Dental implants replace the real teeth, not only for the excellent chewing function, but for the aesthetics you will not be able to spot the difference.

Therefore, if you are using implants, the answer for you will be other people can not recognize this. Unless you “boast” about that tooth.

Some of the information is in the question-and-answer section, related to dental implants transplantation, the specialists at the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic combine the patients from reality, and widely shared.

You will see the second part will be posted in the next period.

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