Braces system in orthodontic treatment -

Braces system in orthodontic treatment

Braces system in orthodontic treatment

Technology and science is becoming more advanced, and the same in the dental field. With braces system in orthodontic also change over time. More modern, more practical, and responsive to most needs of every patient.

In nowadays, we refer to some braces system in orthodontic:

Metal bracket:

Metal bracket are now classed as classic. However, because of the high efficiency and cost of the “most comfortable”, so the system is still widely used today.

The most obvious advantages of this braces system in orthodontic treatment are simple design, high therapeutic efficiency, ease of operation and low cost.

The dentist will use a metal cord, which is inserted through the openings of the braces, and uses a special elastic (O-ring) to fix the archwire on each tooth. It is also possible to use steel thread instead of elastic O-ring.

Disadvantages: elastic O-ring is usually attached to the brace quite firmly inadvertently creating a large friction force, which can make the teeth move more slowly. On the other hand, tethering elastic O-ring on braces is risky for sticking to high food and poor hygiene, as such will “discourage” those who like the dynamic, and the fast-paced.

Steel thread is easier to clean, less friction, but requires the doctor to be meticulous and skillful. In all stages have to spend a lot of time to implement, avoiding the situation hooks on the lips or tongue of the patient. And of course, the cost of treatment is also higher than the elastic O-ring.

Braces system in orthodontic treatment – Metal bracket

The second bracket in braces system in orthodontic:

Porcelain bracket:

In the early years of the 21st century, porcelain bracket were a prominent phenomenon in advanced braces system in orthodontic. However, it does not get much support from professional orthodontists. Why is that?

At that time, the porcelain material that made up the bracket was not yet attained to meet the standards of traction in orthodontics. During the course of treatment, porcelain bracket easily break, it breaks off the teeth and lengthens the treatment time.

However, in recent years, porcelain bracket have been improved quality and completely become braces are preferred in orthodontics, if they need to come up with aesthetics.

Braces system in orthodontic treatment
Braces system in orthodontic treatment – Porcelain bracket

Advantages: strong, beautiful, less friction, increased aesthetics throughout the treatment and the same effect as metal bracket.

Disadvantages: thicker metal bracket (because the design needs to meet high durability). This will cause more bulging and discomfort for the patient.

The third common bracket in braces system in orthodontic:

Metal self-tie bracket:

This braces system in orthodontic was developed to improve the weaknesses of the classic metal bracket.

Braces system in orthodontic treatment
Braces system in orthodontic treatment – Metal self-tie bracket

With a slide cap system, fit and hold the archwire inside the groove of the bracket, completely replacing the elastic band (O-ring The teeth will move more freely because they are not subjected to great friction such as old metal bracket. Therefore, the doctor will better control the traction, avoid the use of excessive force to cause bone loss on the teeth are under big pressure.

And along with the great advantages, the cost you pay will also be much higher than the old system. And the skill of the doctor must be high, due to the requirement for the best traction control.

If you are not affected by the cost of treatment, choosing a metal self-tie bracket is the option to give you a quality treatment plan. With shorter treatment times, fewer appointments, less pain and more comfort in the process.

And the forth common bracket in braces system in orthodontic which many patient like to use:

Porcelain self-tie bracket:

If you have high cosmetic requirements during orthodontic treatment, you can choose porcelain bracket. However, as this is still a braces system with elastic band, there should still be a problem with this feature.

Therefore, porcelain self-tie bracket system was born and became the perfect combination between the aesthetic factor and the gentle sliding feature on the teeth.

At the same time, the material corresponding to the classical porcelain bracket, so porcelain self-tie bracket will also have the same thickness problem. Design and manufacture are also high requirements, thus causing disadvantages in the cost of treatment. Currently in the orthodontic system, Porcelain self-tie bracket as the highest cost.

In order to meet the increasing demand of the majority of customers want to implement orthodontic treatment, to improve the beauty of smile, and restore the function of teeth.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic in Vung Tau always update the advanced methods in the world, and constantly improve the skills, treatment response on all the braces system in orthodontics in nowadays.

Commitment to providing the highest quality treatment services and peace of mind in the process of finding the perfect smile.

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