Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel, is it right? -

Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel, is it right?

Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel, is it right?

Is this something that you are very concerned about: Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel? And how to treat the pathology for your teeth caused by alcohol?

The first thing we should remember, to keep your teeth strong, dental hygiene must be done every day. And it should be noted to treat immediately harmful diseases for teeth that brushing can’t be solved. Alcohol is always the recommended stimulant “limited use”; Because if used too much they can wear away enamel, and irritate the gum.

The question: Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel, is it right? – will be answered right after viewing the content shared below.

The most damaging effect of alcohol on the health of your teeth is making you more likely to vomit. And when vomiting, stomach secretions will come into direct contact with your teeth. At that time, stomach acid will damage tooth enamel.

All kinds of alcohol such as white wine, red wine, all kinds of cocktail have high acidity. And when direct contact with tooth enamel will make your teeth very easily worn.

Besides, in the composition of alcohol often contains many dark chromogens pigments easily to cause stains caused by food. In addition, the tannin in alcohol keeps stains firmly on the teeth so it is difficult to whiten teeth.

Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel, is it right?
Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel, is it right?

Alcohol also has other side effects that make our mouths less saliva. It makes your mouth drier. At that time, natural cleansing by self-protection mechanism, eliminates bacteria, and neutralization of acid will decrease significantly. In addition to bad effects on teeth, dry mouth can also cause bad mouth odor.

Beer is also acidic, and will cause tooth enamel wear if you use it for a long time. In addition, the darker the beers are, the greater the risk of staining the teeth.

Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel, which has been recognized by science:

According to the Research Organization for Oral Cancer, alcoholics often suffer from gum disease and tooth decay.

Because sugars and acids damage tooth enamel, it is easy for bacteria to attack causing tooth decay. In addition, gum disease and mouth ulcers are also common in these subjects.

More specifically, alcohol is claimed to be the second most common cause of oral cancer.

So what to do if you are in a situation when you can’t say NO to alcohol??

If your job needs to use alcohol in communication, or this is a habit you can’t quit. You should note the following to minimize the harmful effects of alcohol on your teeth:

  • Oral hygiene should not be ignored. Brush your teeth properly and rinse your mouth regularly.
  • Need drink plenty of water when using alcohol. This will reduce the alcohol content in the mouth somewhat.
  • Chewing sugarless gum will help increase saliva production.

How to treat the dental diseases caused by drinking a lot of alcohol can damage tooth enamel?

Diseases caused by alcohol such as: worn-out enamel at neck of tooth, yellowing teeth, tooth decay, gum disease … These diseases affect the aesthetic and function of the teeth. In addition, also have the dry mouth that causes bad breath, because alcoholic beer inhibits saliva production.

  • Tooth decay due to tooth enamel erosion requires treatment of fillings with Composite. If tooth decay has progressed deep into the pulp, then it is necessary to treat the dental pulp, and make porcelain crown to protect the remaining tooth tissue.
  • The cases of tooth wear on the neck of tooth, easily irritated when using hot and cold drinks; Depending on the case, the doctor will have an appropriate treatment plan.
  • In case of yellowing teeth, you can bleach teeth at Quoc Binh dentistry with the most modern Plasma or Laser technology nowadays. Some cases of heavy color contamination, bleaching will not bring high efficiency, the optimal solution at this time will be cosmetic porcelain (porcelain crown or Veneer).
  • Need to replenish water every day to keep your mouth moist. Limit the imbalance of the microflora that is present in the mouth, reduce the risk of bad breath.

So, through the above sharing, you have clearly seen that drinking a lot of alcohol can damages tooth enamel. Therefore, if not necessary, you should limit the use of alcohol and other stimulants to keep your teeth healthy.

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