Should an electronic toothbrush be used? -

Should an electronic toothbrush be used?

Should an electronic toothbrush be used?

Brushing is something we should do at least twice a day. But how to use a toothbrush to help you brush clean teeth while not damaging enamel and gum tissue? In addition to the conventional brush, there is still another option to increase the desired effect. That is the electronic toothbrush.

What problems affect oral health?

If you are someone who does not care about proper oral hygiene, you should skip this article.

If you’re the one who thinks brushing with any kind of toothbrush is fine, then skip this article.

Because this article will mainly tell you how to properly clean your teeth. And how to choose a brush to clean teeth and protect teeth, and gums.

First, we will look at the issues that affect oral health:

  • Not in the habit of brushing your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Brushing your teeth through the speaker, not enough time recommended for at least two minutes.
  • Brushing incorrectly, often having a habit of brushing horizontally.
  • Brushing the outside of the teeth ignoring the nooks and crannies causes plaque to build up.
  • Use a toothbrush whose bristles are too soft or too hard.
  • Use toothpaste that has no enamel protection.
  • Refusing to replace the toothbrush periodically, causing the bacteria to accumulate on the bristles to be returned to the mouth.
  • Do not use floss to thoroughly clean the plaques.

And many other problems …

Should an electronic toothbrush be used?
Should an electronic toothbrush be used?

So how does the electronic toothbrush play a role in solving the above problems?

In fact, an electronic toothbrush is not the magic tool that turns teeth from damage to strength. They are a great support tool for you in the proper oral cleaning process.

When using an electronic toothbrush, you will solve some of the problems outlined above.

  • Electronic toothbrushes will usually have a timer. Usually the setting will last for at least two minutes, and will signal every 30 seconds. This way, when you brush your teeth, you can see when you are finished, and time to brush the areas of your mouth.
  • On the other hand, the actuation force of the brush tip is appropriate set during the brushing process.
  • The direction of operation of the brush head will be in the direction of top or bottom or round.
  • An electronic toothbrush kit will have multiple replacement brush heads. And the brush bristles are on a moderately soft level. You should only pay attention to the problem of charging or replacing batteries in the body (depending on the model)

The convenience of the electronic brush is perfect for some patients who are having trouble moving their hands. So without any force from the hand, this brush will help you clean your teeth quite well.

Thus, the combination of electronic toothbrush and fluoride-fortified toothpaste, you have an effective oral hygiene solution right away.

Choose which electronic toothbrush is suitable?

This question only you have the correct answer.

The dental professional won’t be able to tell which toothbrush you use better than which one. It is important how you clean your teeth and your brush is a great tool if you choose the right tool.

Some suggestions to help you distinguish and choose the right electric toothbrush for your needs:

@ Primary battery powered electronic brush (AAA battery)

Usually this type of brush will have a relatively low cost.

The mechanism of action is similar to conventional brush, but differs in that the brush head can vibrate.

@ Electronic brush operated by rechargeable battery.

This type of brush is very popular because of its abundant energy source, and the modes of operation are extremely convenient.

Different manufacturers will have different or similar technologies. But the end result is still to bring customers the highest convenience and efficiency in oral hygiene.

Currently, the electronic toothbrush has had many breakthrough developments, increasing usability for each type of customer. In addition to the issue of long-term energy reserves, there are some types that incorporate many modern features; For example, charging via wireless charging dock, charging via USB port, or Bluetooth connection with brushing process control application …

So, should an electronic toothbrush be used or not?

We don’t have to spend a lot of money just to buy toothbrushes. If you know how to properly clean your teeth, with a regular toothbrush can also fulfill its job.

However, you can still equip yourself with an electronic toothbrush at the right price to take advantage of the real good oral benefits.

Dentists will not be able to give out any exact product names in this article to ensure objectivity.

Investing in dental care right from the start will help you with no cost of treatment later.


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