What should you do when you encounter under-bite? -

What should you do when you encounter under-bite?

What should you do when you encounter under-bite?

Under-bite is a common misalignment of the occlusion of the teeth. This condition is also known as biting back joint. Under-bite has many negative effects on aesthetics and oral health. So, which solution does under-bite treat effectively? Let’s find out.

Why do you have an Under-bite condition?

@Under-bite has many causes of this situation:

  • May be due to insufficient development of the upper jaw bone, or an overgrowth of the lower jaw.
  • Or due to incorrect teeth. Lower jaw teeth block the normal growth of the upper teeth.

These can be hereditary. Or because bad habits from a young age are not corrected, leading to deviations in the development of teeth. For example, biting lips, pushing tongue, sucking a bottle, thumb sucking….

@Some expression of an under-bite you can see easily:

  • The chin is held out in front of you, and you will see a broken face when looking horizontally.
  • When biting 2 jaws in a normal position, the teeth in lower jaw cover the upper jaw.

@The under-bite treatment will depend on the cause of the condition.

  • If the biting joint is caused by a misdeveloped jaw bone structure, the best solution is to have jaw surgery. Bringing the upper / lower jaw bone in harmony with the face.
  • If under-bite is caused by incorrect teeth, you can treat it with braces solution.

However, there will be cases where it is necessary to combine both jaw surgery and braces.

What are the health implications of under-bite?

@ Affect the harmony of the face

Under-bite lose the aesthetics, the proportions of your face will be out of balance. Plow blade shape if viewed horizontally.

@ Affect the function of eating chewing

The biting joint condition makes eating unusual. You cannot bite or crush food easily.

Due to the wrong joint, the jaw muscles always tend to fatigue after working.

Food that is not handled well will not be absorbed well.

@ Under-bite affects standard pronunciation

This is completely understandable. Tooth defects such as tooth loss, underbite or overbite … all affect more or less the pronunciation.

@ Underbite increases your risk of developing other oral conditions.

Misaligned joint causes abnormal function in the jaw muscles. Causes muscle pain, temporal joint pain. Therefore, in some patients, after receiving treatment, the temporomandibular joint disease will be resolve.

So how to handle under-bite effectively?

If abnormal oral growth is found in babies. Parents need to bring their children to the dental treatment centers immediately for the right intervention. In the stage of developing body (under 15-16 years old), all methods to adjust teeth are highly effective and easy.

If you are an adult, the under-bite condition really makes difficult for your life and work. You should actively check-up medical attention and receive treatment from well-skilled doctors. You may need a jaw surgery or simply the braces. Although the braces are long (usually 12-36 months), the results are really expected to be expected.

In Vung Tau, you can go to The Quoc Binh Dental Clinic.

With modern equipment and technology, the team of treating doctors is deeply trained and experienced in the profession for a long time. This is sure to provide you with lasting results and complete peace of mind.

Braces under-bite due to incorrect tooth eruption, the results were positive.
Braces under-bite due to incorrect tooth eruption, the results were positive.


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