Orthodontic treatments can correct an underbite? -

Orthodontic treatments can correct an underbite?

Underbite teeth are the condition of the upper teeth is unbalanced, the bite is opposite, the upper teeth grow inside and the lower teeth are covered. Underbite teeth or protruding teeth will cause your face to become strange, aesthetic loss of confidence in communication, as well as affect eating function. So if Orthodontic treatments can correct an underbite?

We will explore this issue together

First, we will look at specific underbite teeth and underbite by problem of jawbone to see the difference:

Determining the right situation, will help us choose the most effective treatment.

If the underbite tooth due to teeth grows incorrectly: the front teeth of the upper grow opposite the normal direction, instead of the upper teeth covered by the lower jaw, it is now reversed. This opposite bite phenomenon can be observed with the naked eye, but the rate of bias is needed for the specialist to evaluate.

Orthodontic treatments can correct an underbite?

If underbite is due to the deviate development of the jaw bone: the upper jaw develops worse than the lower jaw, or the lower jaw develops excessively, leading to severe imbalances. This is a complicated underbite case that requires coordinated treatment, not just using one method, to achieve results as expected.

Second, we look at how to treat underbite teeth and underbite by problem of jawbone in order to achieve high efficiency:

@ In cases of underbite teeth cause opposite bite or teeth deviate: the doctor can use the orthodontic method to move the teeth to the correct position. During the treatment, you may carry a variety of instruments to correct the jaw, fix the position of the teeth and attach the brace to the teeth to pull the best fit.

Time for this approach: can range from 12-24 months, complicated cases can last up to 36 months.

The most obvious benefits are:

  • Achieve optimal aesthetics, not only pull the underbite teeth to the correct position of the joints bite properly, but also help to correct the deviation such as sparse teeth, unven teeth…
  • The results after treatment are permanent, and the treatment does not damage the structure of the teeth or jaw bone.

Therefore, just having a nice tooth and keep the good teeth, get the difficulty in that time is worth, is it right?

*** In cases of mild misalignment, at present in addition to orthodontic brace, some of you choose the method of porcelain crown to align the teeth. The benefit of this method is that the results are fast – compact, only after a few days you will have new teeth. However, porcelain crown will also affect the tissue of real teeth. Therefore, consider the decision to choose the method of porcelain for the underbite teeth.

@ In case of underbite by jaw bone imbalance on structure: the most optimal method is facial surgery. This method directly interferes with the jaw bone.

Doctors will cut and shorten the jaw bone overgrown. If the chin is too long, it can be cut and move back for more balance. With the upper jaw, there are many cases where the jaw bone should be cut and lowered, in order to achieve the best fit for joints bite of all the jaws.

Orthodontic treatments can correct an underbite?

Time to perform surgery during the day and need more time to heal the wound. However, the results are quick after just one intervention. And this is a facial surgery with anesthesia, so must be done in hospitals with the facial surgery specialty.

*** After surgery, you only solve the jaw was grown unbalanced, but if the teeth grow deviant? Does the surgery have corrected the teeth?

In fact, combined with facial surgery, you also have to correct teeth by the braces to solve cases that are just underbite teeth by jaw unbalanced and deviated teeth. This combination treatment will result in an overall outcome for patients with mixed causes.


Based on the above information, each patient with different levels of underbite teeth or jaw problems will be examined and consulted by a doctor at the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic to find a best solution.

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