How long does it take for braces? -

How long does it take for braces?

In learning about the value of the orthodontic treatment, in addition to the desire for perfect results, patients are also very interested in the duration of treatment. How long does it take for braces? This is the question of more than 99.99% of customers inquiring with the doctor. So let’s find out in detail.

During orthodontic treatment, many factors affect the outcome as well as the duration of treatment. Therefore, how long does it take for braces will not be able to accurately answer for all cases, which will follow the specific progress of each patient.

However, the standard time frame is understood to last from 12-24 months for a course of treatment.

So how to know the milestones of how long does it take for braces?

We can refer to the following intervals:

The first time, from 2 to 6 months: the main task will arrange the teeth more aligned than on the jaw.

The next time, from 3 to 6 months: the task of adjusting the axis (teeth adjacent to the area of ​​missing teeth are rotated axis, or teeth with the original structure without right axis)

The preparation period will be from 6 to 9 months: this is the period of adjustment of the entire bite.

In addition, not after the teeth have been beautiful, braces removal, you have “escaped” from a friend whom named Orthodontic Braces. Because we still need to complete another phase.

Completion time of 6 – 9 months: the purpose of maintaining the stability of the results achieved after long-term treatment.

Please note: These timelines are for reference only, and the results will depend on the situation of each patient.

So summarize the whole process, will be the right alignment of the desired position of teeth, align the axis of teeth, adjust the bite and use the brace to maintain the results.

At the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, each patient will be examined and analyzed the actual situation very thoroughly. Get detailed advice and have specific treatment regimen for each person.

Factors affecting time of how long does it take for braces:

@ Factor 1: The actual dental condition of the patient at the time of the examination.

If you have relatively good teeth, simple treatment situations, the timing of orthodontic treatment will not need much discussion. But if you fall in case with tooth decay, inflammation of dental pulp, periodontics … it is always required to treat the teeth which have bad health problems before proceeding to wear braces.

In addition, when you read this content, will always be wondering, why someone has to extract teeth in orthodontic, and some people do not need to extract teeth. The answer will also focus on: “depending on the state of personal disease”.

If your teeth are too crowded, protruding teeth, the size of the teeth is not uniform, the teeth deviate much …so most need to extract teeth, cause create a space for the displacement of the other teeth to the desired position on the jaw.

All situations that need to be interfered with before wearing braces and they will take away some of your time.

@ Factor 2: Pathology level

This is an important factor that determines how long does it takes for braces.

Depending on the state of the tooth crowded, the level of deviation. Complex situations will need to intervene through many stages. Therefore, the time to arrange the teeth will be longer, and extend the total length of treatment longer than the mild cases.

how long does it takes for braces?

@ Factor 3: Technique of braces applied at the place of treatment

Especially with orthodontic treatment, specialists in the dental field recommend that you should go to a doctor who specializes in this area. They were trained and have practical experience to ensure that the steps to implement follow the standard and predict the highest chance of success for each case.

As a matter of fact, you may encounter many confusing situations in analyzing the causes of dental misalignment and applying inappropriate dental corrective procedures, which can take quite a long time but still can’t improve your pathology. If you refer to the articles:

“Orthodontic treatments can correct an underbite?”

“Porcelain crowns for slightly protruding teeth?”

 You will have more information on the issue mentioned above.

If protruding teeth or underbite, because develop a defect in the jaw bone (overgrowth), it is not only to use the orthodontic method, but also to have a facial surgery to solve the problem about size and position of the jaw bone.

Orthodontics is one of the most intensive dental interventions, complex and can’t returned. Therefore, choosing the place of prestige is a matter you must consider and learn thoroughly.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is well-trained in the field of orthodontics, dental implants … Every year, we have improved our professional knowledge with courses in the country and foreign. Therefore, you will really peace of mind by professional advice, dedicated to meet your specific case.

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