Porcelain crowns for slightly protruding teeth but still have protrusion, what should we do? -

Porcelain crowns for slightly protruding teeth but still have protrusion, what should we do?

Doctor, please help me. I have 4 protruding teeth on the upper jaw, listening to advice from a dentist near my house, want to cure all quickly, so I do the porcelain crowns, but after finishing porcelain teeth, I was still have protrusion teeth. So now what to do. Please help me, thank you very much. (Nam Trung, facebook)

Dear Nam Trung, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic thank you very much for your interest in our dental services, and trusted us to answer your questions about the problem you are having.

As well as some information you have learned, protruding teeth case will have many methods for cosmetic treatment, improving the beauty as natural teeth. However, depending on the different situations will apply different methods, not mandatory: the protruding teeth must apply orthodontic, or have to do porcelain teeth

You can refer to the article: Porcelain crowns for slightly protruding teeth?”

In that article, we have mentioned quite clearly the situations and advantages/ disadvantages of dental treatments for protruding teeth. Therefore, within the scope of today’s sharing, the dentist will provide more specific information to assist with your current question.

The problem about protrusion of teeth is that we can understand that the teeth are protruding, or that the upper jaw bone structure develops too much out of the standard.

In dental treatment, it is important for the physician to be aware of the patient’s oral health status and good prognosis when applying any treatment.

If doctor has not received standardized training and has not had many years of practical experience, some clinics will probably be confused and advise on inappropriate methods.

@ Protruding teeth cause that teeth grows outward, but the upper jaw develops normally, the deviation is within the allowable range, then you can apply the orthodontic method treatment or porcelain teeth (porcelain only applies for light protruding teeth)

@ However, if the jaw bone develops too much, you need to surgically intervene. At the same time, if appear with the protrusion of teeth, then the treatment combined with orthodontic or porcelain crown.

Please note: orthodontics, or dental porcelain crown, can be done at dental clinics with specialized orthodontics. But if you have a jaw bone surgery, you have to do it in hospitals that specialize in facial and orthodontic surgery.

So, to get the most accurate answer for your situation, we recommend that you visit a specialist clinic to perform a film scan and review the situation. At the same time, the doctor will re-determine the reason why still see the protruding teeth even after using a porcelain treatment.

If you need jaw bone surgery, we provide two reference places that customers in Vung Tau can be convenient to treat:

Stomatological Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City

Address: 263-265 Tran Hung Dao, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Stomatological Hospital of Central at HCM City

Address: 201A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 12, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

If you still need more information about dental health, or to schedule a dental appointment and consultation, or dental braces for protruding teeth, please contact Quoc Binh Dental Clinic directly to meet doctors:

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