Porcelain crowns for slightly protruding teeth? -

Porcelain crowns for slightly protruding teeth?

Previously, if you are in the state of protruding teeth, most of us will apply orthodontic method to adjust the position. However, today with the advances in science and technology in porcelain and the quality of materials has been improved, the porcelain crowns for slightly protruding teeth is a matter of social concern.

Protruding teeth is a condition in the upper jaw that is protruded to more than the normal standard of facial.

This situation will cause imbalance of facial structure, there are cases of patients with heavy protrusion that can’t close the mouth.

So where is the best solution, whether porcelain crown for slightly protruding teeth? Is it necessary to use orthodontic treatment? Let’s find out together.

First, you need to know the different methods that can be applied to solve the problem you are experiencing.

Orthodontic treatment for protruding teeth: This is a widely applied and highly effective method for any deviated teeth.

Porcelain crown for slightly protruding teeth?

Doctors can use the dental retainer apply in orthodontic treatment, can use the functional appliance for wider the jaw bone or keep empty place for teeth, braces (metal, porcelain …) attached directly to the teeth (outside or inside of the teeth), retainer transparent orthodontic (invisalign). The instruments are individually designed for each patient. Ensure compatibility, fitting best with your teeth.

The main use of these types is the use of long-lasting contraction to move the teeth gradually to the new location, do not interfere with the real tooth tissue, don’t cause pain or sensitive teeth after orthodontic treatment. After the orthodontics, no side effects, jaw bone and gums develop normally, no contraindications in daily activities.

The time taken will depend on the deviation of the patient’s teeth. May be 12-24 months, some cases of complex calibration can be up to 36 months. During the process, at each stage, you will notice the difference in your teeth. As a result, you will have straight teeth, corrective bite on the required standard.

Porcelain crown for slightly protruding teeth: This is the method that is most interested in patients who need immediate results orthopedic.

By applying this method, your dentist will have to grind your true teeth, making the post of crown strongly enough for the porcelain crown to be attached. The porcelain is designed in the style and color corresponding to the real teeth. It is possible to use metal porcelain crowns or full porcelain crowns.

The mechanism of action of this method is not to pull the teeth, but rather to create a new cover for the teeth with the direction and angle of the new standard. No longer protrusion as original teeth, but the new design will shrink the tooth direction.

Time to complete new teeth will be very fast, 3-7 days (depending on the number of teeth you do).

However, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic also notes that this is a quick method to achieve results, but because of the porcelain coating, it will definitely affect the tissue of your teeth. And can only be used for mild dental conditions, slight deviation. Grinding also requires highly skilled practitioners to ensure that correct manipulation will minimize the damage to the dental pulp.

After finish the porcelain crown of teeth was protruded, we also have some notes on eating or cleaning daily to ensure the quality of the porcelain coating is longer.

As a result, porcelain crown for slightly protruding teeth, will be applied depending on the level protrusion of your teeth. As well, choose which method to perform the best fit, only the doctor after the examination to help you answer correctly.

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