Have danger because bleaching teeth??? -

Have danger because bleaching teeth???

In the process of advising patients on bleaching teeth, we find that many people still don’t understand the method correctly and have very dangerous misconceptions. So, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic would like to share this information in detail again.

First of all, let’s look at the current types of bleaching teeth in the market. We divided into two types of mechanisms for easy understanding.

Mechanism 1: The mechanical bleaching, which is the friction of the enamel surface, removes some of the adhesive from your teeth. And give you a whiter feel.

You will see ads somewhere, there are “magic” bleaching powder, whitening “super speed”, just rub on the teeth then will be white. Selling price can range from 50 to 120 thousand VND / box.

Have danger because bleaching teeth??? – powerful stain removal with clear origin

With these types of products are highly abrasive enamel, so if you use regularly, before you don’t know if your teeth or gums have any disease, it is dangerous.

Your enamel of teeth are worn out, weakened, and lost their protection for a long time. The consequences are sure you understand. Not to mention, you may be allergic to the ingredients in the product, inflammation, mucosal blistered or swelling of the gums.

Advice: If you really want to use this product, first choose a product with a clear origin, and the number of uses should only be max 2 times per week. Make sure your gums are healthy.

Do not use this product for children under the age of 12, because this age enamel is not complete.

Have danger because bleaching teeth??? – Good product at dental clinic

Mechanism 2: chemical action, break down the carbon bonds of the darker pigments in the teeth. People often call it is a bleaching teeth drug. This chemical is usually triggered by the light of Plasma, Laser technology or simply mixed compounds will produce effects.

Looking at the social aspect, this is the conventional method, easy to implement. But don’t mistake it for safety if you don’t do it at a reputable dental clinic.

We have been receiving patients from other places in some cases of burns gum, spread enamel hole, gingivitis, gingival recession, inflammation pulp of the teeth … cause from the consequences of bleaching teeth.

These clients voluntarily buy drugs for home use, or perform at cosmetic spa establishments that are not licensed for dental treatment. Or even at the dental clinic, but the quality of the drug can’t guarantee safety.

Why should the emphasis on oral care be monitored before bleaching teeth?

@ Your dental condition is getting tooth decay, what is the level of tooth decay, and the bleach vulnerable to cavity infiltration to cause inflammation pulp dental? In addition to the dentist, you or the staff at cosmetic spa will not know.

@ Does your teeth have a receding gums, worn out of neck teeth or not? How serious is the disease? Using the appropriate isolate the gums in order to continue bleaching teeth? This also only the dentist knows

@ Your enamel status is healthy or thin, weakened or undergoing dental enamel, cracking … in addition to the dentist, you also can’t know.

Therefore, if you perform whitening, although this is a conventional aesthetic method will also become dangerous if not checked and monitored by the doctor appropriate for each situation of each person.

In addition, some customers wonder, the cost of treatment in each place are different. It’s simple, it depends on the quality, technology and safety of the method.

There will be no “tasty-nutritious-cheap” type, because your health can’t be exchanged for “cheap”.

Advice: Should perform whitening at reputable dental clinics. Need to treat dental disease before bleaching teeth (if any).

With home-based bleaching methods, patients are not allowed to change the drug concentration at their own discretion. Depending on the health of the teeth, will have the corresponding drug concentrations. Do not over-rush to get fast results that accidentally harm yourself (high drug concentration will cause white teeth very fast, but then if the colored complications will not recover, or even risk of inflammation pulp dental, gum necrosis, tooth loss, tongue cancer, throat cancer …)

Based on the specific information shared by the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic Vung Tau, maybe you understand more about the method of bleaching teeth and the risks to health.

Desire to own a full beauty and bright white teeth, to be more confident in communication is the privilege of each person. But choosing where to do and how the quality is really important.

“Your health, in your hands”

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