Porcelain teeth color was changed, bleaching is not? -

Porcelain teeth color was changed, bleaching is not?

Whenever you want to use a product or service, you will probably have to learn a lot of relevant information. And the need to cover dental porcelain for damaged teeth too. The question revolves around the “Porcelain teeth color was changed, bleaching is not?” a lot of patients are interested and consulted quite a lot in the past.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has the opportunity to share some specific issues related to the method of porcelain crowns. You can refer to the article (click on the share link below):

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OR If you have not read this article, you no need do porcelain teeth

In the article shared today, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic just summed up and disarmed some questions about the problem occurred after the use of dental porcelain for a long time.

Question 1: “Doctor, I made porcelain teeth 3 years ago, but now I don’t know that the porcelain teeth are very bad color, the contact with the gum is blackened, the adjacent teeth stained yellow. Can I bleach them? “(Linh Dang – Vung Tau)

Question 2: “Good morning, I bought a whitening product at home from a friend, and it take about a week, my teeth are whiter than before. But I have a problem with two front teeth covered with porcelain and three teeth was filling aesthetics at the neck of the teeth, they are not white. And now my teeth look very spotted. Doctor please help me how to treat it quickly. Thank you ” (Bich Chi Pham-Facebook)

Through the above questions of customers, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic would like to share the main ideas as follows:

First, porcelain teeth are a mass of material that is not contaminated with food color, but is still stuck to the surface by the resin in the cigarette smoke … (If you do not smoke then remove this factor) . Therefore, during the use of porcelain teeth, oral hygiene is also important, you need to brush away the stain will also help keep the color of the teeth are always fresh.

Second, porcelain teeth are dark colored or gum-line is blackened, which is understood to be related to material of porcelain teeth. It is possible that initially the quality of dental porcelain teeth and dental technology do not meet the international standards, so after a period of use, plus the impact from diet, oral hygiene unreasonable, resulting in reduced material life.

On the other hand, if you choose metal porcelain teeth, it is obvious that after a few years of use the metal frame will be oxidized by the active ingredients in the oral cavity. The result is the contact where the gum-line is blackened. Other real teeth in the adjacent area are also affected.

Third, porcelain teeth and tooth fillings are materials that are not affected by the bleaching agent. Therefore, you can’t use a whitening agent at home, or at the clinic to whiten your porcelain teeth.

So how do we solve the problem of Porcelain teeth color was changed?

  • With metal porcelain teeth are oxidized, need to remove and restoration. If you want to use a longer, aesthetic enhancement and not see this situation again, it is recommended to use full porcelain teeth (completely porcelain teeth without metal).
  • The other real teeth, if you want to whiten, still use the normal bleaching method. However, the dentist’s advice: “You should not do home bleaching by yourself, as there is a risk of gingivitis, death pulp dental and tooth decay. You should visit to the prestigious dental clinic, to check the status of the teeth, treatment if the dental problem and then bleaching. That is beautiful and safe for you. “
  • In case of tooth fillings and porcelain crowns the color difference is too much compared to the current tooth color. You need a doctor to remove the porcelain crown, and replace the new filling, so that the color of the teeth after bleaching is the same.

After the information is shared above, hope to help you better understand your situation and no longer worry. The important thing that we want to send to you is that “just beautiful – just safe” is the first choice for issues directly related to health.

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