How to do when the porcelain teeth is shaken? -

How to do when the porcelain teeth is shaken?

Before, when the teeth are not beautiful, do porcelain dental is the way to save the teeth. But when the porcelain finished, and then we continue to arise worry about porcelain teeth is shaken, and how to do when it happen? Don’t worry, because Quoc Binh Dental Clinic will provide information for you.

Accidentally owning the teeth is not beautiful, broken or cracked that you have suffered a lot. Not confident in communication, both loss of aesthetics and also affect the chewing food every day.

Understanding that, every customer to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, doctors always try their best to answer all your questions. Not all cases need to be coated porcelain teeth. And from the perspective of the doctor, we will evaluate the best solution for treatment. Therefore, if the situation is porcelain teeth are shaken, the following answer will help you to know more information and active prevention.

The cause of porcelain teeth is shaken and the solution suggested:

We will consider two factors that are technical and pathological:

*In case you have porcelain teeth with healthy teeth, good bones, no infection around, the teeth are sharpened to meet the standard. The reason may be because the porcelain crown is not attached closely and tied to your real teeth. This can be affected by the operation of the doctor, or the quality of the adhesive used to fix the crown and teeth. And sometimes it comes from yourself, if you do not follow your doctor’s instructions on how to keep your new teeth covered with porcelain.

Recommendation: You should go back to the treatment clinic for the doctor to check the practice and proceed to correct for you. If this is a technical defect from the dentist, the reputable clinics have a customer policy, so you will not have to worry about the cost of a new crown. However, if you are editing in another clinic, there will be a charge for this service.

How to do when the porcelain teeth is shaken?

*In bad situation, porcelain teeth are shaken due to pathology. There are many reasons for this. Your real teeth are shaken, which can be due to dental plaque, bacterial growth and inflammation of the teeth, tooth decay or periodontitis, thus reducing the bond between the teeth and jaw. Real teeth will not cling anymore. Or may be due to inflammation of the dental pulp (for porcelain teeth with alive pulp), if not treated in time to cause inflammation of the bone jaw, then the real teeth are shaken and the risk of tooth loss is very high.

Recommendation: When you are examined by a doctor, and the cause of the disease is correct, treatment will be much better.

@ Diseases come from tartar: remove the tartar, clean the focal area of ​​bacteria. Restores the health of the gums and the bone. When the real teeth are no longer shaken, the feeling of porcelain teeth is shaken also disappear.

@ If due to periodontal disease or pulp inflammation, we have to treat depending on the level of development of the disease. Stops the infection, treats the pulp thoroughly, if the bones are good and reproduce, after the healing process we will solve the problem of loose teeth. But if the bone is not restored due to severe inflammation, removal of teeth is essential. Bone grafting and implant placement are the most considered options.

Note: the cost of medical treatment will depend on the type of services (remove tartar, pulp dental treatment, periodontal treatment …)

What notice to avoid the case of porcelain teeth is shaken?

As you know, do porcelain teeth must pay for dental porcelain, and if you don’t take care it good, you must pay costs more to heal and costs more to fix the problem. Then, the advice that we always want to remind is the importance of adherence to the guidance of the doctor, changing the habit of proper oral care.

When performing any health-related service, you should also visit reputable, experienced practitioners who are regularly trained to update their knowledge, to be able to cover them. Understand all the complex situations and have the most thorough solution for you.

Choose a reputable clinic for peace of mind because of the dental porcelain policy and the enthusiastic support of the doctors.

We strongly believe that, through the above information, you have more knowledge to reduce anxiety and prevent good dental situation porcelain teeth is shaken. If you have any further questions, please contact us

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