Complications when implanting teeth -

Complications when implanting teeth

In the past, from the information provided to you about the cause of implants, to care after treatment. Quoc Binh Dental Clinic still see many friends wondering about complications when implanting teeth. So we will learn more about this to help you feel better.

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In fact, implant specialists often have access to advanced technology and raise highly of implementation technic, the dental implant surgery achieved a relatively high success rate. The failure rate (if have) will fall for a number of reasons, both from doctors and patients.

What are the common complications when implanting teeth?

You may have some cases of bleeding after surgery, gingivitis around the implants, swelling of the pus around the implant, and bone loss in the implant neck. And the highest risk is that the body does not receive Implant and Implant is excreted out.

In addition, some rare cases, such as implants affect the nerves leading to numbness in the cheek, or swelling of the jaw.

Complications when implanting teeth

What are the causes of complications when implanting teeth?

From patient’s perspective: (Don’t follow doctor’s appointment before and after treatment)

  • Don’t take medication exactly as prescribed after transplant.
  • Oral hygiene is poor.
  • No give up the habit of smoking. This habit is extremely harmful not only to implants. Smoking heavily reduces blood flow to tissues, anemia and bone tissue can’t integrate with titanium. The risk of infection is also higher than normal people.
  • There are other pathological factors that affect the results of implant treatment, but do not adhere to the treatment of it thoroughly.

For example: diabetes is very easy to cause inflammation, but if good control you still can do implants.

  • Chewing regularly affects directly the unhealed area, not protecting the area of ​​the surgery to the risk of infection

If the infection persists and is not timely treated, it leads to inflammation around the implant and the bone around the tooth. Then the implants and jaw joints become loose. And implants risk being removed, leading to failure.

From the perspective of the surgeon:

  • The sterile surgical environment not good leads to subsequent inflammation after that.
  • The physician’s skill is not high so the operation is not accurate (drilling the bones, drilling the wrong position, wrong direction to restoration of non-standard, the distribution of uneven force …)
  • Prognosis is not correct, leading to errors in the implementation process (bone properties of the patient, bone thickness is suitable for transplant, nerve position …)

The complications when implanting teeth if mild, and timely treatment, we can save and kept it on. But if there are serious situations, the removal of the titanium shaft is obvious. We may need to treat the area completely healthy, and if possible, then remodel another implant tooth. This will add more time and cost.

Therefore, one done – one difficult time, remember to always follow the instructions of your treating doctor, and it is important to choose a reputable transplant center with a qualified physician.

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