What is the dental abscess? Causes and treatments -

What is the dental abscess? Causes and treatments

In addition to tooth decay, dental abscess is also a common disease today. The main cause is inflammation of the mouth, which may be inflammation in the gums or root canal. If not treated thoroughly will lead to other dangerous complications. Let’s find out more specific information about dental abscess

Determination of the cause of dental abscess:

When the infection occurs in the area of ​​the tooth, specifically the dental hygiene is not good enough, bacteria develop on the plaque in the teeth causing progressive tooth decay, causing gingivitis of pus or infectious complications on root of pus.

On the other hand, dental abscess can also be caused by tooth injury (collisions, accidents …) that cause tooth broken. The lesions are susceptible to infection, if not treated thoroughly, bacteria attack deeper into the dental pulp, resulting in more severe inflammation, pus appearing and make the dental abscess.

Most patients with dental abscess often suffer from severe pain. The explanation for this phenomenon is as follows: when the infection reaches the level of pus formation (dead bacteria, dead tissue, white blood cells and possibly live bacteria) make swelling, bulging like a sheath, make pressure, nervous stimulation, leading to painful. However, if the tooth is dead, the pain will decrease suddenly, but the area of ​​infection still exists and it continues to spread to other areas, destroying healthy tissue.

What is the dental abscess? Causes and treatments

Depending on the cause of tooth abscess, the dentist will distinguish specifically as follows:

Dental abscess or inflammation around the tooth: An abscess occurs around the root of the tooth, which develops in the soft tissue. This is a complication of progressive periodontal disease. We will see the gums swelling red, there is pus in the neck, when pressed can see the pus out, causing bad breath and pain. This case spread very quickly to the surrounding healthy teeth if the treatment is not completed soon.

Abscess at the root of the tooth: This is the type of abscess caused by complications of tooth decay. When the tooth decay happen,spread medically in the dental pulp and do not treat in time or not finished. Bacteria from the root will penetrate the dental pulp and into bone jaw, And then cause inflammation of the top area of root respectively. This illness is long-lasting, if only medication can not be cured completely.

Symptoms help us to detect this disease:

  • Toothache when eating chewing or sore without any action.
  • When eating over heat food (hot or cold), teeth are also strongly affected.
  • If the infection has pus, although early, there are also fever, swollen lymph nodes in the vicinity, and body fatigue.
  • Breathless odor, strange taste in the mouth (this expression is largely due to pus)

So how can treatment for dental abscess completely disappear?

Treatment options for this situation will usually have to deal with previous infections. Depending on the severity, doctors will have different treatment regimens.

If the capsule of pus has appeared, the principle is to remove the pus from the infected area first, and then, depending on whether or not to preserve the tooth, to have the next treatment regimen.

You may be prescribed antibiotics to reduce the swelling and spread of the disease. With the main teeth in the chewing food, and the need to retain, it will preserve the teeth. (it may be necessary to have a curettage around the stalk and cut to the top of root, when the infection is ingested in the jawbone, or if the infection is ingested in the dental pulp but not yet infiltrated into the root)

In the case of a wisdom teeth abscess, you no need to be concerned if your doctor has an indication for a tooth extraction. In fact, teeth number 8 does not hold a special role in your teeth, if normal teeth (straight grow, not inflammation) do not need to be removed. But if there is any deviation or inflammation, the plan to remove it is obvious.

The harm of dental abscess is so much for our health, that not only results in loss of teeth, but also causes great harm to the fetus (premature birth, low birth weight …) if the mother is pregnant has dental abscess. Or complications of septicemia, cardiovascular …

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Advice from the oral specialist

  • Always first advice is to keep good oral hygiene, brush your teeth properly and ensure at least 2 times a day (morning – evening)
  • Use dental floss to clean teeth to remove plaque left over.
  • Regular visits for 4-6 months to timely detect signs of dental disease and timely treatment.
  • The best advice is to eat foods rich in fiber, vitamins and low in sugar – low in starch.
  • And most importantly, choose a reputable health care provider, so that you are always safe and comfortable, happy to go through all the bad things in life every day.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic expects the above information to be partly solved and help you have certain knowledge to prevent disease. And if have disease, you also will be peace of mind for treatment thoroughly relieved.

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