Erosion of the tooth neck, causes and treatments? -

Erosion of the tooth neck, causes and treatments?

Erosion of the tooth neck

“A beautiful day, I go with some friends make whitening teeth at dental clinic. Inadvertently know that I have erosion of the tooth neck after being examined by the doctor. And I feel that the teeth was sensitive when I drink ice water or when brushing teeth. After listening to the doctor heartily explain, I understand the cause and decide to treat them, get away the worry” 

The above is the sharing of  Ms. Tu Anh – 26 years old, living in Vung Tau about her problem: erosion of the tooth neck.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic please to share her case for people to refer and understand more about the disease is quite common but often neglected.

First, we learn about: What is erosion of the tooth neck?

You can imagine our teeth have two parts.

  • The upper body of the tooth and we can see them (crown)
  • The root of the tooth is placed underneath, inserted into the jaw bone, and at the site adjacent to the crown will be gums covered with protection.
  • When the protective gums are down for a few reasons (which will be shared later), they will reveal part of the root (also known as the tooth root), which is sensitive to any effects from outside.

You can observe with the naked eye. And will see where the gums fall down with a  deep recess, on the teeth appear small grooves clearly defined near the gingival margin. This disease is very common in the front teeth, teeth 4-5 or molars 6.

The manifestation of the disease is easy to recognize

When you feel sensitive at the tooth root while eating cold or hot food, even if you eat the sour fruit (it will be very sensitive). Or when brushing with a soft bristle brush, and long lasting sensation while rinsing with mouthwashes are on sale.

In some situations, even in the area where the disease occurs, the gums are swollen and painful, causing persistent discomfort.

Erosion of the tooth neck, causes and treatments?
Erosion of the tooth neck, causes and treatments?

What is the cause of this disease – erosion of the tooth neck?

In fact, it is easy to see two causes.

The way you brush your teeth every day: It may be for many of you, to think that brushing your teeth hard, using hard bristle brushes to increase friction, or toothpaste with high detergent … it will be easy to help your teeth are cleaner. Even if you brush your teeth in any direction, it also affects the formation of the drops gums down disease mentioned above.

According to the survey, in the patient group of the form “Excessive cleanliness” are experiencing the above disease. Meaning they have an interest in oral health, always want to brush teeth clean, brushing more than 2 times a day…We have for every 10 of them will have 8-9 persons have the gingival recession and severe erosion of the tooth neck. Because of brushing the wrong way, brushing the horizontal and brushing hard. And this habit continues from adolescence to adulthood, causing gingival recession and severe erosion of the tooth neck.

The second cause of erosion of the took neck easy to see:

Another cause is understood as “disease pile up disease”: it is the condition of dental plaque that attach too much to the teeth neck without treatment. These plaques accumulate for a long time, thickening over the gums and they gradually push the gums off the initial position. Causes tooth loss gums. At the same time bacteria growing on plaque cause periodontitis, loosening the bond between the teeth and the jaw, the risk of tooth loss.

When the roots are exposed, they are no longer protected by the gums. They are weakened by the erosion of compounds that are broken down in the diet (such as food acids …) cause erosion of the tooth neck and tooth damage.

In addition to the two main causes mentioned above, we can still encounter this condition as a complication of other diseases.  Such as gout, calcium deficiency, dysregulation of saliva or arthritis.

What solution to cure erosion of the tooth neck?

Depending on the level of actual disease, the dentist will have appropriate treatment for you.

If the gums are lowered slightly: no complications inflammation, no swelling pain … after cleaning the tartar, the doctor will apply a dental sealant is best fit. Cover the gap, protect the exposed tooth, reduce the impact from the external environment, limit the risk of infection, fast implementation and cost savings.

However if the condition is severe: there has been inflammation, damage to the tooth root, cause inflammation of the dental pulp. And need to treat the pulp, the solution is not just routine filling, you need combination therapy. To solve the problem aesthetic of tooth root area after treatment, the method of tissue grafting gums can be applied. And the effectiveness of this method also depends on each person’s physical.

Erosion of the tooth neck, causes and treatments?
Erosion of the tooth neck, causes and treatments?

Gingival recession and erosion of the tooth neck are quite common disease. It is not dangerous if you find out early and have appropriate treatment.

Some suggestions help you prevent this disease

  • Change the habit of oral hygiene: brush the teeth according to the instructions of the dentist. Use toothpaste with the addition of Flour, brush the soft bristle brush …
  • In eating, it also limits the deep biting of hard foods (because the effect pushes the gums down)
  • Have a regular dental checkup to better control dental condition (scaling tartar, gingivitis …)

Different people have different medical conditions, so if you are experiencing any of these signs. You should come to a reputable dental clinic soon for a doctor’s check-up and treatment.

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