Dental Implant procedures according to international standards -

Dental Implant procedures according to international standards

Dental Implant procedures according to international standards

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic with a team of doctors trained specialized implant transplant by international standards. Here, we strictly follow the standards of dental Implant procedures.

Dental Implant procedures consists of 2 stages:

Stage 1: insert the titanium Implant into the jawbone

Stage 2: make porcelain crown on Implant

The specialist of the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic will directly implant for you. With a success rate of up to 99% with advanced implant systems such as Nobel Biocare (USA), Straumann (Switzerland), ETK (France), JD (Italy) … bring the best treatment results for patients.

We will refer to the dental Implants procedures as follows:

Stage 1: Implantation (Titanium pillars)

Step 1: Visit and plan your treatment

  • First, your doctor will review your general health, and make a physical examination of your oral health.
  • CT scan is used to determine bone quality and screening the most appropriate Implant orientation
  • Discuss the treatment plan including the transplant stage and the prosthetic period on the implant.
  • Agree on the treatment plan and schedule appointment.

Step 2: Perform surgery

  • Depending on the situation, each operation will last 30-60 minutes.
  • In that time, Implant insertion into the jawbone only lasted about 10 -15 minutes / Implant.
  • In cases where you are transplanted in the aesthetic area such as the incisors, immediately after surgery, your dentist will attach temporary dentures, so you can use them temporarily waiting for the official restoration.
  • In some transplants, if the teeth have been lost for a long time leading to loss the bone, or in the elderly, or people with poor bone quality … Doctors need to take further measures to lift the sinuses, bone grafts into the missing bone. The goal is increasing bone volume for meeting the standards of the best implantation.

The other elements are related in the dental Implant procedures:

  • Sinus surgery, bone graft surgery is performed by a physician with good professional experience. The timing of this process is quite rapid, light and the success rate is high.

See more (see attached)

“Why lift the sinus, bone graft when transplant”

  • In fact, most surgeries will only require anesthesia. However, there are some cases where deep anesthesia is required for implants. Then, the deep anesthesia will be controlled by a specialist anesthesia resuscitator. You may experience a mild sleep, and when you wake up, the implant process is complete.
  • After this period, it usually takes 3-6 months for the jawbone to integrate with the implant, helping the implant firmly and integrating the body into a unified body. However, for young subjects, the loss of teeth less than 6 months, the ability to recover bone faster, may be less than 3 months have passed phase 2 – Implant restoration.
  • In particular, as this is an advanced technique of science, for healthy patients with good bone quality, we can still combine instant fixation prosthetic immediately after implants.

Stage 2 of dental Implant procedures: Implant denture restoration

Step 1: Create the upper gingival area of the implant, according to the gingival margin around the crown of fixed teeth.

  • After 3 to 6 months from insertion of implants into the jawbone, patients will be scheduled for a follow-up visit, screening the results of the first stage.
  • At this point, the doctor opens the gums and attaches a cylinder cap to the implant. The effect of this cap is: guide the gums to restore the surrounding of the implant on a regular basis. Ensure aesthetic for the restoration later.
Healing Cap - Dental Implant procedure according to international standards
Healing Cap – Dental Implant procedures according to international standards
  • Time to maintain a healing gum tissue from 1-2 weeks.

Please note: In some situations, the healing will be placed immediately after implant placement in stage 1.

Step 2: Restore fixed on Implant

  • On the next appointment, after placing the healing guide, the doctor will proceed to place the abutment on the implant. This can be seen as the 2nd appointment in Stage 2.
  • Abutment is seen as your “real crown teeth”. Abutment’s materials are also compatible with the human body.
Abutment - Dental Implant procedure according to international standards
Abutment – Dental Implant procedures according to international standards
  • The doctor will perform the imprint on the teeth after attaching the abutment. Choose a porcelain tooth that fits your overall dental area.
  • The patient’s dental porcelain information will be kept and the porcelain lab will make the right kind of tooth for you.
  • The colors and materials of the crowns will be similar to the real teeth.

So, the third appointment, what will the doctor do next in dental Implant procedures?

After the lab finished your porcelain crown, your doctor will examine your porcelain teeth. And if nothing need to correct, your porcelain teeth will be attached to the abutment. And you have completely restored a new tooth like real teeth.

Implantation success depends on many factors. In particular, the most important is the skill of the professional doctor. And equally important is the health and well-being of the patient throughout the course of treatment.

There will be some notes about oral health care for you after the transplant.

Please refer to the article:
“Dental care after dental implants”

With the dedication of the examination and consultation, will certainly help you feel more comfortable and confident with the decision to restore the missing teeth.

With the professional level, the skill of the treating doctor will bring you the perfect results and peace of mind when choosing to perform dental implants in the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic Center.

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