The difference between orthodontics for children and adults -

The difference between orthodontics for children and adults

The difference between orthodontics for children and adults

In today’s modern society , oral health care has become more and more concerned. On the other hand, the need for aesthetic and functional rehabilitation for cases of deviated teeth, protruding teeth, underbite … are also focused. To regain confidence in life, orthodontics for children or adults is very necessary.

However, the braces between these two objects (orthodontics for children and adults) are different or not? We will find out soon.

Age of orthodontics for children and adults:

Age applies the most appropriate orthodontics for children from 11 to 12 years of age. Because this time the baby is growing, the jaw bone is not as hard as an adult, and not too soft so the correction will be more convenient, results more quickly. However, after the braces have ended, it may take longer to maintain than the adult.

If over 18 years old, applying the above method still brings high efficiency. But it takes a little longer than the younger ones (in the same situation).

At this age, the bone is at a stable stage, so the mobility is not easy. However, this is a good thing, because the post-treatment stability is also higher than the young ones. So the time of maintenance will be shorter.

Thus, age is also a factor affecting the duration of treatment. If the braces usually range from 12-24 months, children usually reach this threshold more than adults. For adults, the medium duration may be 24-36 months (complicated, time-consuming orthodontics over 24 months is normal), but with simple cases it is possible to complete in 12 months.

Orthodontic effect:

With children, jaw bone structure is still growing, so orthodontic effect for children is quite high. However, in some cases, the doctor can not immediately apply this correction method at the time they are growing. But have to wait until the child is older the doctor will intervene to avoid relapse after treatment.

For adults, the structure of the jaw bone has been improved, the compression is high. The course of the correction will be more painful, and the effect is not always as expected.

Aesthetics during treatment:

  • In children, most focus on efficiency, so the aesthetic factor may not be at the forefront. Children are often used with fixed metal braces (optimum at this age in terms of cost and not a lot of aesthetics)
  • In adults, need to communicate in life, in daily work, so throughout the process of braces is a challenging phase for the person being treated. They need more privacy instruments , because they need aesthetics.

Out of many practical needs, specialists in the field of orthodontic products have developed a variety of instruments that meet the different needs of the patient.

  • You can see porcelain braces: braces are shaped like metal braces, but made of porcelain, corresponding to the color of your teeth, so the aesthetic level is quite high.
  • Invisalign Braces: These are expensive braces. It features transparent trays that are molded on the pattern of your real teeth, but the teeth are slowly calibrated, hugging the teeth, and gradually moving the teeth to the desired location. These trays are constantly changing throughout the course of treatment, which is appropriate for each change of teeth resulting in relatively high costs. Refill aesthetics very high, because it is difficult to detect you are orthodontist when using this device.
  • And the aesthetic preference, so the brace was attached also be different in adults. Instead of attaching the outside of your teeth, dentist may attach the inside of your teeth. Advantages: It is not easy to find out you are wearing braces. But the disadvantage is parallel, it is very difficult to clean the teeth and technical requirements of treatment doctors must be extremely high.

Orthodontics for children need to extract teeth?

Depending on the case, however, the ability to extract teeth in adults will account for higher rates in children. And in fact, only cases where the teeth grow too close together, crowded together need to extract teeth to create space to move the remaining teeth into place as desired.

With the information shared above, you probably also see the difference between orthodontics for children and adults.

At any age, the process of orthodontics always requires the patient’s persistence, coordination of the patient and the technical skills of the treating doctor. Therefore, choosing the place that meets the requirements of a professional, technical, experienced and modern equipment, to send the whole faith is quite important.

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