Is the dental metal porcelain bridge good? -

Is the dental metal porcelain bridge good?

Is the dental metal porcelain bridge good?Is the dental metal porcelain bridge good?

Porcelain crown is a very popular aesthetic trend. However, choosing the most suitable dental porcelain still requires consultation from the doctor. With situations which you lose your teeth, and the economic conditions do not allow you to make dental implants, the dental porcelain bridge are the best fit.

We know that in nowadays, there are many kinds of porcelain teeth such as metal porcelain crown and full porcelain teeth. So if you want to do dental porcelain bridge, you can also choose for yourself dental metal porcelain bridge or non-metal porcelain bridge, depending on the needs of each person.

Is the dental metal porcelain bridge good?
Is the dental metal porcelain bridge good?

What is the dental metal porcelain bridge?

When you lose one or two teeth, the side teeth are still healthy to support. In terms of low economic ability, you can use the dental metal porcelain bridge method.

The two porcelain crowns outside of the porcelain bridge, with metal frames, will be used to capture your real teeth, supporting the entire tooth loss area. The middle part, which is the porcelain tooth that replaces the missing teeth, can produce solid intestinal material.

Note: The method of making porcelain bridge should only be done when the jaw bone at the site of the missing tooth isn’t lost too much. And the number of missing teeth is only 1-2 teeth, so as to ensure good bearing.

What is the dental non-metal porcelain bridge (full porcelain)?

On the outside structure, look at it, you will see it is like the metal porcelain bridge. However, the identity of the full porcelain bridge is the crown of the tooth without metal frame.

So is the dental metal porcelain bridge good?

To look good or not, depends on many factors.

However, in each type of dental porcelain will have the following characteristics:

Dental metal porcelain bridge: durable properties, ensure good chewing ability, but because of the metal frame, so the patients with allergies to this factor will need to consider when choosing.

In addition, after a period of use several years, metal porcelain teeth are more likely to appear dark color in the gum line, causing a loss of aesthetics in the teeth. Then need to re-handle, replace the new teeth.

But in terms of cost, this is the lowest price dental porcelain, suitable for many people’s pocket. Treatment cost ranges from 30-50% compared to non-metal porcelain teeth.

Non-metal porcelain bridge: in addition to durable properties, outstanding aesthetic advantages, very suitable for the front teeth area. However, prices are higher than metal porcelain bridges. But compared to implants, it saves more than 50% of the cost of treatment.

Choosing the treatment for missing teeth, whether you want to do a dental porcelain bridge or implant, still depends on the actual dental condition.

Therefore, the first thing you should consult the information and directly to the clinic for doctor to examine and specific advice. Performing dental porcelain bridge or other methods will determine after the test results.

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