Removable braces are suitable for children? -

Removable braces are suitable for children?

In children, the orthodontic treatment will be relatively easier than adults. In addition, at this age there will be many orthodontic methods are applied, to orientate appropriate adjustment at each stage of development, each specific age of the baby. One of the most convenient and effective methods for teenage children is using a removable braces.

Removable braces are suitable for children?

There are some parents wondering why other people are aligned with braces, but their baby is assigned a removable braces. How is the effect?

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic would help parents more understand the removeable braces, about the use and effectiveness

What are the removable braces for children?

This is a soft plastic or hard plastic retainer, designed according to preset standards, or individual design according to the status of baby teeth. These retainer have a directional effect. Adjusts the function of the teeth jaw, or used to prevent bad habits of children cause bad consequences for teeth.

Removable braces are suitable for children?

The method of using removable braces is often used for children ages 8-12, as this is the developing stage of the teeth. At this stage, the jaw bone is still flexible so it is easy to move and shape the baby’s teeth. Therefore, wearing the removable braces, will be both convenient, while ensuring a good chewing food for children.

Note: this is not mandatory for this age to only use removable braces. We still see a doctor using fix braces for children, which is dependent on the treatment of the doctor.

Some types of retainer commonly used in the method of removable braces:

  • Removable holds space: works to adjust the teeth while keeping space for permanent teeth to grow.
  • Expands wide jaw: is designed for the roof of the mouth, has a shallow push action, extends the palate.
  • Tool for positioning the jaws: This type is used for both functions to prevent the child’s bad habits, while helping the two jaws to develop the direction of the desired position.
Removable braces are suitable for children?
  • Removable retainer: for simple orthodontics, teeth that are deviated and rotate unevenly. Note: This type of orthodontic will always be designed according to the changing phase of the baby’s real teeth.

A perfect treatment plan will have clear timelines. Depending on the level of change of the teeth, the doctor will apply different types of retainers. You are assured that your baby’s retainer will be designed according to your child’s unique bone structure and teeth.

When starting any dental health related services, you will always be consulted by your doctor so that you can support your child at home. Orthodontics is a very popular, no dangerous, but it is very important to perform and be supervised by a qualified and skilled physician.

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