Some effective treatments for gingivitis after using dental porcelain -

Some effective treatments for gingivitis after using dental porcelain

Some effective treatments for gingivitis after using dental porcelain

Gingivitis after using dental porcelain is an undesirable condition for both the doctor and the patient. When the inflamed gums will cause tooth bleeding, aches and pains, bad breath … Depending on the different causes, we will have appropriate treatment. Please refer to the following

Why is there gingivitis after using dental porcelain?

In everyday life, even though it is a real tooth, if you do not take good care of it, it will easily lead to gingivitis. So, gingivitis after using dental porcelain is not uncommon.

This inflammatory condition, if not treated promptly, will easily turn into inflammatory diseases around the teeth; If the progression is more severe, it can cause jaw-bone resorption and loss of teeth.

Some causes of gingivitis after using dental porcelain:

  • The porcelain crown isn’t attached tightly, or attached in the wrong position, making the contact area open. From there, food easily gets stuck and creates an environment for bacteria to grow, causing gingivitis. Or the process of grinding teeth, improperly attaching teeth, violates the biological space of the teeth.
  • The oral condition before the tooth is attached is not treated completely.
  • Patients with improper oral care and hygiene cause conditional bacteria to grow, causing inflammation.
  • The materials made of porcelain crown are not compatible with the user’s body, causing an allergic reaction.

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Some effective treatments for gingivitis after using dental porcelain

@ Proper oral care

This is also an important note for people who use dental porcelain.

Improper daily oral hygiene can cause gingivitis. The first sign is easy to spot: Swollen, red gums and bleeding when brushing.

If this is only just beginning, you can improve it by better oral hygiene.

  • You should brush your teeth after eating and drinking. Usually can maintain the number of times from 2 to 3 times / day. Each time you brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes.
  • Use a medium soft bristle brush and brush your teeth gently, pointing the brush in the right direction: up – down, spinning.
  • Combination of dental floss and mouthwash (physiological saline)
  • Periodic dental visit 6 months/ time

@ Direct processing intervention on soft tissue areas (gums)

Cut and reshape the swollen and enlarged gums.

In severe gingivitis, alveolar bone resorption. Therefore, the dentist will clean the infected area thoroughly and perform minor surgery gingivectomy; In order to avoid the porcelain crowns covering the gums, causing inflammation.

@ Remove the old porcelain crown, treat the infected area and replace another ceramic crown.

This solution can be done alone or in combination with a gum transplant.

Gum grafting occurs when a tooth’s biological space is broken due to improper tooth making. The doctor will perform gum surgery and re-establish the new biological space for the teeth. Then use another porcelain crown (new one).

Some effective treatments for gingivitis after using dental porcelain
Some effective treatments for gingivitis after using dental porcelain

Be a smart consumer to avoid the risk of gingivitis after using dental porcelain

Making porcelain crown is a step in changing the appearance of teeth; Helps bring confidence in communication and persistence in chewing.

However, if you choose the wrong place to perform, or don’t take proper care of your teeth, it will lead to bad consequences.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of gingivitis after using dental porcelain, you should go to reputable dental centers. There are always cosmetic dentists with good skills, advanced equipment, and standard implementation procedures.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, with more than 20 years of experience, is one of the few clinics with high standards in Vung Tau city.

A team of skilled doctors; Always available to serve all the dental treatment or aesthetic needs of the people of Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

Customers will be visited and consulted directly with specialist doctors.

Access to many modern technologies in diagnosis and treatment. Bring high precision, great efficiency.

The whole center is managed and operated in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health. Bring safety and absolute peace of mind for customers to come for treatment.

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