What parents need to prepare for helping child's orthodontics is effective? -

What parents need to prepare for helping child’s orthodontics is effective?

What parents need to prepare for helping child's orthodontics is effective?

Orthodontics is effective at the stage of the developing age. May start around 7 years old. However, at this age, the baby is not aware of the importance of orthodontics. Therefore, parents should prepare well to help them have a healthy diet, and good psychology.

What is the first thing parents need to do to help child’s orthodontics is effective?

Mentality preparation for baby:

Baby is still very playful, and always enjoy the comfort. In the age of 2 – 10 is a very important stage in the development of mentality. Baby will be very stubborn, some baby are introverted, sensitive to praise. And it is important not to be aware of the harmful effects of deviated teeth, so also don’t understand the benefits of braces how good it is.

Therefore, parents need to prepare mentality for child. Talking more with children, the topic revolves around how deviant teeth will be bad (can use illustrations but do not criticize other children). And continue with the benefits of straight teeth, beautiful and graceful (with children in puberty). As such, it will help them to see orthodontic braces is a very necessary and good..

Parents practice the baby are familiar with pictures of other same age friends are doing orthodontics. It may be a bracket image, or retainers appliance pictures. Note the image selection, the pattern must look pretty, so that the baby looking at the orthodontics is not scary at all.

On the other hand, understand the psychology of children are afraid of injecting, afraid of pain so they will be afraid of the doctor. It is therefore advisable to give your child regular dental care (although the child’s teeth are not damaged). The purpose is to help your child get used to the doctor, get used to the working atmosphere in the clinic, talk and smile to the doctor will help her closer.

The second need to note parents for helping child’s orthodontics is effective

Prepare a varied and nutritious daily diet to suit your baby’s braces situation. This will help the orthodontics is effective surprisingly.

Babies are in a comfortable, non-entangled state. Suddenly after braces, the problem appear, this will make them uncomfortable, anorexia and obsessive orthodontics are scary.

Therefore, parents should give children soft food, liquid in the early stages, training them to get used to that type of food so that children do not lose strength. Should chopped or minced vegetables, meat and fish to chew easier.

Avoid giving your child food that is hard, tough, or unusually high or low temperature.

What parents need to prepare for helping child’s orthodontics is effective?

Daily menus should be varied, to stimulate baby eating without skipping meals. Vitamin supplements can help the body recover some of the nutrient deficiency. Improve health, help your baby get better, and then work more closely with your doctor.

The third is equally important, is the preparation of expenses for orthodontics treatment.

Currently, the cost of orthodontics will depend on the condition of the baby. Can range from 20 to 50 million VND. Choosing different braces will give you different costs. Ceramic braces are priced higher than metal braces.

Therefore, the parents should talk to the orthodontist and refer to the wishes of the child. If your baby is embarrassed about metal braces, should choose porcelain braces, then they will cooperate better and orthodontics is effective more.

The last thing to note parents, want orthodontics is effective, it is very important to choose a reputable dental clinic to perform the treatment.

Orthodontics for children is always more effective and faster than orthodontic treatment for adults. However, children are young buds on the branch, if from the beginning does not apply the right technique, it will cause dangerous consequences for later.

May be have wrong bites, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth loss is not restored…

Therefore, braces for children require specialized doctors have long experience, successful implementation of many hard cases. Your doctor must calculate your baby’s bone development at appropriate stages, in order to have the best and safest treatment plan.

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