What are the harmful effects of horizontal wisdom teeth? -

What are the harmful effects of horizontal wisdom teeth?

What are the harmful effects of horizontal wisdom teeth?

Horizontal wisdom teeth are often the case that doctors recommend surgical removal. Up to now, the role of wisdom teeth has not been clearly defined; But if that tooth grows wrong, it can cause many dangerous consequences. So what are the harmful effects of horizontal wisdom teeth? Let’s follow up with the answer right below.

First, we need to know what is the status of horizontal wisdom teeth?

@ Wisdom tooth is also known as tooth number 8. This is the innermost molar.

Although the exact role has not been determined, but in fact wisdom teeth cause quite a lot of trouble. Because they grow so late, there is often not enough space in the jawbone for these teeth to grow straight. And from there, they “find their own way” by growing underground, growing slanted, growing horizontally. The result is inflammation, swelling and pain; The most common is damage to tooth number 7 and the risk of affecting the nerves of the head and face.

However, not everyone has a problem with wisdom teeth. There are still people who have wisdom teeth that grow well and do not affect the surrounding teeth.

@ For the doctor to determine the correct direction of tooth eruption, and how difficult or easy it is to perform the extraction procedure; You need to have an X-ray film, and the dentist will assess the extent of the deviation. From there, there will be solutions for each actual situation of each type of wisdom tooth eruption.

Horizontal wisdom teeth are usually teeth that grow perpendicular to tooth number 7. This wisdom tooth will pierce directly into tooth 7 and cause serious damage. If not handled in time, it is possible that tooth number 7 will no longer exist and need to be extracted.

Wisdom teeth grow underground - horizontal wisdom teeth cause many bad effects
Wisdom teeth grow underground – horizontal wisdom teeth cause many bad effects

So specifically, what are the harmful effects of horizontal wisdom teeth?

Please note, all misaligned forms of wisdom teeth cause bad harm, dangerous complications…

The starting point is the appearance of extremely uncomfortable pain. Make you not eat well, sleep restlessly… affect your daily life.

Some complications that can occur when you have horizontal wisdom teeth:

@ Causing damage to tooth number 7:

This is a fairly common situation, because the number 8 teeth that grow horizontally will hit the adjacent root. The place of impact will be damaged, infected … tooth number 7 may be loose and risk of being removed.

@ Causes inflammation around the teeth

When the teeth are misaligned, the gums cover the teeth, often experiencing gingivitis. Gingivitis can be caused by food that is not completely removed from the oral cavity, still remaining and stuck in the gum area that covers the teeth. Or in the process of chewing, the opposite tooth causes a strong impact on this covered gum area.

Manifestations of inflammation: red swollen gums, swollen cheeks, possibly fever, or white pus… Appears prolonged pain. The pain can spread to the jaw area, or the ear, or the temporomandibular joint…

Horizontal wisdom teeth cause damage to neighboring teeth
Horizontal wisdom teeth cause damage to neighboring teeth

Some other serious harms not only affect the teeth but also affect the jawbone such as:

@ Causing a cyst of the jawbone

If the condition of horizontal wisdom teeth is not detected early, the risk can cause jaw cysts.

Jawbone cyst is a dental disease caused by abnormal growth of tooth tissues, combined with a benign tumor. The cyst is usually located in the gum, or close to another adjacent tooth.

Tumor often grows and spreads, but at first, there are no obvious symptoms; Until they destroyed part of the jawbone, damaged neighboring teeth, and affected nerves… And then if it was detected, the consequences would have been quite serious. The doctor will have to remove both tissue and bone, greatly affecting the patient’s oral health.

In addition, we may also encounter newly emerging tooth cysts, which often develop near or on the tip of wisdom teeth grow underground. Or apical of teeth cyst…

Common manifestations of cysts: palpable lump on the gums, pus discharge, pain, loose teeth

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, swelling of the face

@ Causes jaw bone resorption

When the wisdom teeth are horizontal, they will push into the supporting bone of the 7th tooth, gradually causing the jawbone to disappear. Damage to the root of tooth number 7, leading to the risk of destroying the structure of this molar.

The alveolar bone has many empty cavities that are easy to dissolve because the alveolar bone is quite soft; And bones will not be restored to their original state when bacteria attack.

Consequences of jaw bone loss:

The adjacent teeth are all displaced, causing aesthetic loss, causing malocclusion, unstable “standing” and weaker than usual. Thereby affecting chewing function, and the risk of continuing to lose other teeth.

Can misaligned wisdom teeth cause painful symptoms in the maxillofacial region?

It can be said that horizontal wisdom teeth or misaligned teeth are one of the causes of headaches and neuralgia in the face.

Because when wisdom teeth grow in the wrong place, they will press on the important nervous system located in the teeth. That causes headaches, or sensory disturbances in the lips, tongue, etc., causing them to become numb and lose their taste. This affects the patient’s daily life quite a lot.

Thus, with so many disadvantages when you encounter a horizontal wisdom tooth. How do you best handle it?

The first piece of advice is always to see an experienced dentist to help you perform this tooth removal procedure safely.

Let’s read: “Is horizontal wisdom tooth extraction difficult?”

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