When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction? -

When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction?

When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction?

Hello dentist, I just had my molars extracted 1 month ago, can I get a dental implant? Do I need a jaw bone graft? To answer this question, please see the expert doctor’s answer on when is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction.

Out of habit, we will often find out about a problem only when we are facing it. Just like when you or a loved one is experiencing tooth loss, it is time to think about finding solutions to replace missing teeth.

And in this day and age, there are quite a few methods of restoring lost teeth. However, the most outstanding thing is the dental implant.

There are many reasons that lead to tooth loss; But in the end it is still the extraction of the tooth, or the root of the damaged tooth from the jawbone.

When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction?

With today’s science and technology, we will have many options in dental implants after tooth extraction.

  • Implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction
  • Implants can be placed 1-2 months after tooth extraction. Note: at this time the alveolar bone area has not recovered. Therefore, it is necessary to have a suitable treatment method for each specific situation.
  • Implants can be placed after 3-4 months of tooth extraction. This is the period when the alveolar bone has begun to recover, but it is still not completely stable.
  • Implants can be placed in the period 4-12 months after tooth extraction. At this stage, the jaw bone has healed and can respond well to dental implants.
When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction?
When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction?

@Besides, there are a number of factors that can affect the appropriate timing of dental implants after tooth extraction. Such as:

  • Is the condition of the root of the tooth infected?
  • Is the alveolar bone infected?
  • Whether the jaw bone density meets the criteria or not,
  • Age and general health problems…

Therefore, before wanting a dental implant, it is necessary to have a direct examination of an expert doctor combined with the results of X-ray scan. From there, it will help you determine the right time for transplant.

Specific information about the case of dental implant immediately after tooth extraction

After the root or tooth is removed from the jawbone, the place will just be an empty cavity.

If the thickness and height of the jawbone is still suitable for implantation, the doctor will drill the shape and place the Implant in that hole.

@ Advantages:

  • Convenient for doctors and patients, all in one appointment. Reduce pain, reduce travel time.
  • Implant posts that are implanted early will help keep the jaw bone, reducing the risk of jaw bone loss better than the cases of empty tooth sockets.

@ Disadvantages:

  • Depending on the position of the tooth

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    , after extraction, the number of holes will be left corresponding to the number of roots. While Implant is just a long pillar. As such there is a difference in size; From there arises the need to add more jaw bone to the empty spaces surrounding the Implant. At the same time, combining a fixed collagen membrane on top to support quick healing. And this will be the step that incurs additional costs.

  • For the Implant to be used firmly, it needs initial stability. Therefore, the quality of the jaw bone is very important. It should be done only when the size of the implant post and the hole after tooth extraction is not much different. Because at this time, the jawbone in the tooth socket may still be qualified to squeeze the Implant to attach.
  • There may be a risk of gum recession, partial bone loss after a period of immediate implantation after tooth extraction.

As such, in this situation, the decision to perform or not will depend on the expertise of the doctor.

In case of dental implants after tooth extraction 1-2 months:

If the tooth has only been extracted after 1-2 months, the jaw bone is still not completely healed. Only the upper gingival tissue is seamless.

At that time, if you have a dental implant, your doctor will need to check the actual level of bone restoration in the tooth socket and soft tissue.

If there is no infection, or any unusual pathology, then the implant can be placed. In this case, it is necessary to combine bone grafting (if the jaw bone is missing). And cover the jawbone with a collagen membrane to support rapid healing.

In case of dental Implants after tooth extraction 3-4 months

After 3-4 months, the missing area in the alveolar bone was filled, and the surrounding soft tissue also completely recovered. If there is no infection, this time is quite favorable for dental implants.

Not only reducing the risk of receding gums, easy to control the aesthetics of the gum area, but preserving the real bone is also quite good.

Dental implants at the time after 4 months from the time of tooth extraction

In the past, dental implants with good results would often be performed during this time period.

Because this is the time when the jawbone has stabilized; The quality of the jaw bone meets the best standards for implantation, in the condition that the body develops normally, without any infection.

And if the previous tooth extraction has bone damage that needs to be treated and restored; This time is also quite suitable to help complete bones. Because if there is a bone graft, it takes about six months for the bones to integrate well, and develop into a unified whole.

When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction?
When is the right time for dental implants after tooth extraction?

So when is a good time to have dental implants?

Currently, the success of an implant will no longer be based on the time of tooth extraction. Because with good expertise, expert doctors will always know how to assess and predict the possibility of recovery. From there, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed.

Restoring new teeth after tooth extraction is very important. This helps you restore chewing function, avoiding complications of jaw bone loss, causing tooth dislocation …

Thus, at the time of examination and indication for tooth extraction, you should consult your doctor about new tooth restoration solutions. At that time, the doctor will help you control the whole process well, and advise specifically the right time to implant teeth for your own situation.

All the content just shared above is also the answer to the question asked by the patient at the beginning of the article.

And for integrity from the safe extraction of teeth, to the effective restoration of lost teeth; Go to dental centers that have doctors who specialize in the field of dental implants.

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