Implant for incisor teeth in dentistry. -

Implant for incisor teeth in dentistry.

“Hello doctor, I have a small accident. Now, I have been broken an incisor tooth, and the other one is broken a big corner. I heard that, there is a way to implant a titanium post for the incisor tooth can replace the real teeth. Should I extract all two broken teeth and then implant for incisor teeth? Please consult me. Thank you very much” (Mr. Tien Dung, Vung Tau City)

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic thank you for your trust, and very please to answer these questions as follows:

In your case, the missing tooth is located right in the aesthetic area of ​​the teeth. Therefore, implant for incisor teeth is a great solution for your situation.

Of course, we can still choose another method of making porcelain bridges. However, the effect will not be as optimal as implantation method. This problem will be analyzed in detail after the actual examination on the patient’s teeth.

And here are some of the medical references:

  • When you lose your teeth, any position (except teeth # 8), they also affect the main function of the teeth: chewing function, aesthetic function.
  • In addition, bones at the missing teeth area without anchor, will lead to attrit bone.
  • Plus the daily chewing force on the adjacent tooth area, the result is that the teeth become loose, flipping towards the missing teeth. Facial deformity, bite defects. Dental implant is a timely way to prevent this happening.

When you have dental implant for incisor teeth, it will not affect the adjacent teeth. And the longevity of implant teeth if properly maintained, it can follow you throughout your life.

Implant for incisor teeth in dentistry

With the case of Tien Dung, you lost a complete incisor tooth, you can choose dental implant solution for this missing tooth site.

And with the broken incisor tooth, if the broken crown has affect the pulp, you need to treat the dental pulp soon and use the method of dental porcelain crown to restore the broken teeth.

You don’t need to extract all two teeth to implant like the original question you mentioned.

The area of ​​the front teeth is a cosmetic area, so the options chosen for dental restoration should be the best solution.

How to do dental implant for incisor teeth?

As with surveys for other missing teeth, the dentist will check your general dentition.

Capture the film, check the status of missing teeth as well as the quality of the jawbone where implants.

Biological tests as required by the doctor, when the health indicators are available for the transplant, you will be directed to the implant treatment process.

After choosing the appropriate size of implant type, and the cost. If your situation requires bone graft, the doctor who directly treats you will discuss the problem in detail.

After completing the preparation procedure for the transplant. The doctor will schedule the appropriate surgery and proceed.

On the day implant for incisor teeth, you don’t need to worry, the implant procedure for a tooth occurs quite quickly, lasting only 15-30 minutes.

During the process, you will be anesthetic so there will be no pain. At first, when you start an injection, you will feel like an ants bite when the needle penetrates the mucousa membrane.

After transplant, you will have temporary teeth, before have the official restoration.

The final step is to attach the porcelain crown. So you have a new tooth to replace the lost tooth.

With a broken angular tooth that can be covered with porcelain, you can do it after the titanium post is implanted into a jawbone which is relatively stable, and the gingival cover is healed. Then the gum area in the neighboring teeth will be more stable, ensuring a good aesthetics.

Through the information shared above, Mr Tien Dung may have the answer appropriate for your case. You should see your doctor soon to determine your status and plan for the best treatment.

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