How long do dental implants stop swelling? -

How long do dental implants stop swelling?

After implantation, there are some signs make the patient will be very confused. In particular, most of you would question how about the swelling, bruising, bleeding or pain after the implants. Quoc Binh Dental Clinic would like to share this information so that you feel more secure about how long do dental implants stop swelling, pain…

How long do dental implants stop swelling, pain…?

As you know, implant surgery is a drill and insert a metal pillar into jawbone.

To do this, doctors will have to resort to measures such as slit the gums in the area to be implanted, removing the gums from the jaw reveals the surgical area. Drill a hole in the bone and put the Implant in, then stitches sealed gums.

This process can produce the body’s natural response, and the most obvious manifestation is the formation of bruises on the cheeks, mild swelling in the implants area, and slight dull aches for several days later. Please confirm this is a normal reaction of the body. And when the body has adapted to “strange things,” the phenomena will disappear.

Therefore, how long do dental implants stop swelling, pain or bruising … will not have the correct answer, but also depends on the basis of each patient. In addition, the dental implant technique contributes considerably to this result.

In situations where everything is normal, such as a good of patient, a non-reactive site, transplant doctor’s treatment standard. It usually between 5 days to 1 week after the surgery, the implants will stop swelling, painful … And after about the next 2-3 days then, the body is well adapted to the metal post, you can eat normal activities.

So what we need to do for clearance the question how long do dental implants stop swelling, pain…?

Reducing swelling is a good practice to bring the patient peace of mind. Therefore, you should comply with all indications of your treating doctor:

  • Taking prescription medications for pain, inflammation
  • Applying ice cold (wrapped in a bag or towel) to the cheek outside the treatment area for the first 24 hours after the transplant will significantly reduce the swelling. Each time the freezing should only be done 15-20 minutes / time and spacing after 2-3 hours to do again.
How long do dental implants stop swelling?
  • Avoid strong impact on the surgical area, because the first two days are the most swollen stage, but if you have followed the instructions above will not have to worry.
  • However, it should be noted that 3-4 days after the day apply a cold compress, the wound area has reduced swelling, your cheeks will be able to reduce blood bruise and gradually turn to light yellow. Then, the thing to do is to warm the blood flow to help transfer blood to the cell and repair the wound quickly.
  • It is important to note that the new implants are always strange to you, thus limiting your tongue or object to touching the wound.

After about a week, the situation is good, the gums are beautiful, no swelling, you can go to the doctor to cut the sutures and wait a bit longer to be able to restorate porcelain teeth and complete the planting process a new teeth.

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