Notes when treating braces with minivis -

Notes when treating braces with minivis

Notes when treating braces with minivis

In orthodontic braces with minivis, patients assigned to use this method should note some of the following important characteristics.

1. Have knowledge about minivis to cooperate with doctors better.

After careful examination, your doctor may suggest that you apply braces with minivis if your condition is consistent with this method.

Minivis is a very small metal post with Titanium, shaped like a screw. The main function of the minivis is the column fixed to anchor the teeth to the desired position faster. The effectiveness of minivis is quite high and lasting. Material  of minivis is very friendly to the human body.

Minivis will be plugged directly into the jawbone, and attached elastic band to connect braces to create pulling force on the teeth.

The screw plug area will be anesthetized and sterile before being performed so you don’t need to worry.

Notes when treating braces with minivis
Notes when treating braces with minivis

Refer to: (article in the link below)

“Do you know that minivis can help shorten the period of treatment in orthodontics?”

2. Choose a reputable treatment place

Dental implants or dental aesthetics (orthodontic, porcelain crown) are specialized treatment. Therefore, it should be done by experienced doctors. At the same time, it is necessary to have modern machinery and equipment to support better treatment.

In Ba Ria – Vung Tau area, you can come to visit and treat at Quoc Binh Dental Center. With a team of doctors with extensive experience and regularly improve the expertise in the country and abroad. The owner of the clinic is also the main doctor (Dr. Phan Quoc Binh) has more than 20 years of experience in the field of intensive treatment of dental pathology, and restoring dental aesthetic.

Notes when treating braces with minivis
Notes when treating braces with minivis

3. You need to pay attention to general oral hygiene, and hygiene in braces with minivis

Most patients who braces with minivis have very good reactions to this metal post.

In terms of hygiene, as well as dental transplant patients, the screw mounting areas need to be carefully cared for. Should brush your teeth regularly, keep your mouth clean, avoid getting food stuck to the screw that easily causes gingivitis.

For cases where braces with minivis are inflamed, see a doctor immediately for treatment. There will be a situation that you have to remove the old screw, and re-attach the new screw. Thus it will affect the orthodontic progress.

4. Need to comply and seriously cooperate.

Orthodontics is a long-term treatment. So if you want to get the results you want, the patient will need perseverance and good cooperation with the doctor.

  • You need to follow the doctor’s appointment to check and correct the change accordingly.
  • Strict adherence to oral hygiene, and proper diet. Food should be broken down and avoid hard foods (reduce the risk of damaged brackets).
  • Suitable oral hygiene tools should be used for people who are orthodontic braces. For example interdental brushes, water-flosser, dental floss … Helps completely remove plaque and leftover food, avoiding the risk of infection.

To find out if your dental condition is suitable for braces with minivis. You need to see a doctor directly at the Quoc Binh dental clinic.

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