Should remove tooth decay during pregnancy -

Should remove tooth decay during pregnancy

Should remove tooth decay during pregnancy?

There are many changes in the body of pregnant women, especially calcium requirements. And when this mineral is inadequate, it will easily lead to dental diseases; Such as cavities, gingivitis… So if unfortunately, if pregnant woman has caries, should remove tooth decay during pregnancy? Let’s find out right now

What dental problems are common in pregnant women?

During the first 3 months of pregnancy, you probably won’t notice a big change in your body. However, when the fetus enters 24-25 weeks, this is the stage when the baby’s body has a great need for calcium to form the skeletal system. And so there will be a large variation in the amount of calcium in the mother. The first change is the bone tissue in the jawbone.

On the other hand, the eating habits of pregnant women also change abnormally. Eat more meals, like snacking, love to eat sweet and lazy to take care of teeth. Combined with the change of hormones makes the gums easily swollen – bleeding, easy to accumulate tartar, easy to create conditions for bacteria to grow …

And so, gingivitis or tooth decay will be more likely to break out. At that time, pregnant women will try to endure, or do they need to remove tooth decay during pregnancy? The answer is gradually clarified in the following sections.

Does the poor oral health of pregnant women have a serious impact on the fetus?

I affirm that: “A healthy mother’s body will greatly contribute to the health of the fetus”

The fact that the mother’s body has many problems in general health will definitely have a negative impact on the fetus. And the same goes for oral health.

While pregnant, but the mother has serious oral problems, surely the baby after birth can not be as healthy as other normal babies.

The cause can be indirect, such as the mother with a toothache can’t eat or not rest well, from which the body doesn’t get enough nutrients for the child. The baby is born with a poor digestive system, and the body’s immunity is also worse than other babies.

Or maybe due to the increase in inflammation in the mouth, the multiply bacteria will penetrate through the blood. At this point, the mother’s body is activated and produces substances that fight the infection. Inadvertently this substance has the ability to stimulate uterine contractions and cause premature birth.

Thus, indeed, maternal oral disease has a significant impact on the development of the fetus and when the baby is born. What should we do if we experience tooth decay during pregnancy?

Should remove tooth decay during pregnancy?

Despite knowing the great effects of oral diseases in the mother on the fetus. However, the period of pregnancy is quite sensitive and minimizes the intervention of drugs on the mother. Therefore, when there is any problem about oral health, the pregnant should also be examined and receive professional advice from the doctor.

Deciding whether to remove tooth decay during pregnancy will depend on professional advice from your doctor.

If the tooth decay is in its early stages, you can receive maintenance therapy, and without any medication intervention. Can improve dental hygiene, monitoring and better oral care.

If tooth decay has developed, destroying the enamel layer, making it difficult for chewing or daily activities; Then the doctor will usually appoint a temporary fillings and follow-up until you are finished giving birth to continue treatment.

If the tooth decay is too heavy, causing pain, swelling and inflammation … It will depend on the priority that your doctor advises you to do. Do not decide by yourself to have a tooth extraction during pregnancy.

Note: the dental cleaning or fillings, or other oral interventions should be done in the second trimester. Because at this time, the mother’s body is not too heavy so it’s not difficult to move; and the fetus is also more stable.

If you shouldn’t remove tooth decay during pregnancy, what should be done to keep your teeth healthy during pregnancy?

@First, you need to pay attention to the stage before pregnancy – “Don’t let the grass grow under your feet”

Take good oral care, eat well and have a balance of nutrients before deciding to have a baby.

If you have tooth decay or gingivitis… you should get thorough treatment before pregnancy.

Should remove tooth decay during pregnancy?
Should remove tooth decay during pregnancy?

@When you are pregnant, what dental care do you need?

Due to the above mentioned variable body factors, you need to pay more attention to oral hygiene and diet.

You should brush your teeth regularly, using a soft bristle brush to help reduce the strong impact on the gums. At the same time use flossing to remove food plaque left over. As a last step, you can rinse your mouth with normal saline, which will completely prevent your chances of growing bacteria.

If you have morning sickness and are prone to vomiting, immediately rinse with water to reduce the acidity in your mucus during vomiting. It also reduces the likelihood of damaged tooth enamel, which in turn reduces the likelihood of tooth decay during pregnancy.

When there are any abnormal oral signs, immediately go to reputable dental centers to be examined and consulted by a specialist.

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