Stained teeth should bleach or make porcelain crown?? -

Stained teeth should bleach or make porcelain crown??

Stained teeth should bleach or make porcelain crown??

There are many reasons for stained teeth; Stained teeth may be caused by antibiotics t.e.t.r.a.c.y.l.i.n or due to age. Or due to the daily eating habits causing harmful effects on tooth enamel. When enamel is damaged, there is an opportunity for plaque to develop, causing color contamination.

Thus, depending on the cause of stained teeth, you should bleach or make porcelain crown is better.

Teeth whitening for stained teeth will be effective in any situation?

In cases of mildly stained teeth due to causes such as food, or due to age, you can apply bleaching.

Teeth whitening also comes in 2 forms, whitening at the clinic or done at home.

@ Whitening at the clinic, you will be controlled by the dentist from beginning to end. From dental hygiene to the bleaching process. The average time is about 20 – 60 minutes depending on Laser or Plasma technology.

The process is done through the steps: isolating the gums, applying bleaching gel, shining lights, cleaning the treatment area and ending. The number of times you apply gel and shine light will depend on how much your teeth color. Immediately after bleaching, stained teeth will immediately turn up from 2-5 levels compared with before treatment.

Particularly for laser teeth whitening method, there are many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Sensitive teeth rarely.
  • Fast performance.
  • Fast execution time.
  • Can be treated individually for each area separately (in case there are 1 or 2 teeth with uneven color compared to the rest of teeth)

@Teeth whitening at home. You will be using bleaching gel in a plastic tray. This tray is made in dentistry with the size close to your real teeth.

The dentist only teaches you how to use it at home, and can’t control your entire bleaching process. Time to use gel trough each time about 45 minutes, and lasts from 5-7 days.

Porcelain teeth for stained teeth, is that effective?

In case of stained teeth but the bleaching method is not as effective as expected. Or the case of dark teeth caused by antibiotics. Then the porcelain crown solution would be great.

Porcelain teeth also have 2 types, porcelain crowns or veneer surface. Depends on damage or color of teeth that apply.

@ With stained teeth but harmonious style shaped. If you just need to fix the color of your teeth without any further modification; You should choose porcelain veneer surface.

Using porcelain veneer surface to avoid grinding out the enamel, dentin.

However, porcelain veneers have a very thin thickness so it will not be possible to cover stained teeth that color are too dark. Or they may not help re-align the tooth shaft, or correct previously distorted teeth.

@ For severe stained teeth or slightly distorted teeth, the aesthetic porcelain crown solution is perfect.

Because porcelain crowns will be thick enough to mask the dark colors of real teeth. At the same time, it is also possible to adjust the shape of the teeth, making them both white and beautiful.

You can choose high-class porcelain products such as Zolid (Germany), Lava (USA), Cercon HT (Germany) …

Porcelain crown help conceal the color of the stained teeth very well
Porcelain crown help conceal the color of the stained teeth very well

So in the case of stained teeth, you can choose to bleach your teeth or porcelain crown depending on the original reality of the teeth.

The most wise choice is based on the advice of a qualified and experienced dentist.

As with any solution, you need to choose a place of PRESTIGE.

Products with clear origins and porcelain crown need genuine warranty.

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