3 Outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer. -

3 Outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer.

3 Outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer.

Porcelain veneer is currently a cosmetic trend that causes less damage to real teeth and is favored by many customers. Let’s find out what the outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer has done to any miracle.

The first outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer that is mentioned is the restoration of aesthetic beauty.

Usually, there are few dental problems, such as yellowing, stains, that bleaching does not help much. Or the teeth are sparse due to the size of some teeth that are not up to standard although the teeth are still distributed evenly on the arch. Or the enamel surface is not beautiful, there are too many small crevices … The doctor will often advise you to choose the porcelain veneer rather than porcelain crown.

Because the outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer is its thinness, and beautiful shiny colors. Not only protect the inner teeth layer because there is no need to grind much or do not sharpen. But also has outstanding aesthetics due to the variety of colors and designs suitable for all faces and skin colors.

Although extremely thin porcelain surface can be from 0.01mm to 0.06mm but extremely sure. After being glued to the teeth with a special adhesive, you will be extremely satisfied with its natural beauty.

3 Outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer.
3 Outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer.

Using porcelain veneer can cause irritation to the body or not?

Surely this is a question that readers are very interested. Because according to previous information, there was a type of porcelain crown that caused black gum lines or gum inflammation. However, with porcelain veneer, you have peace of mind for safety and compatibility with the human body.

The outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer that need to be shared  is to protect your oral health. Because the composition of this veneer is Emax porcelain. The high-class porcelain made by modern technology, both benign and has the highest durability.

Therefore, when your teeth are protected outside by advanced “shield” like this; There are rarely any negative effects in the oral cavity that can damage your teeth.

The best will be mentioned last. That is the outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer shown in preserving the maximum real tooth tissue.

In fact, almost everyone, if the mouth does not have a serious problem, no one wants to interfere deeply with the tooth structure.

Therefore, with the treatment solutions that help increase the aesthetics while preserving the maximum natural teeth will always be a top priority for customers. When making porcelain veneer, you will not need to worry about root canal treatment problem like when making normal porcelain crown.

Outstanding effect of the porcelain veneer: preservation of real tooth tissue because during the procedure the doctor will not need to sharpen real teeth. Or if you need to treat the tooth surface, then only need to grind a very thin layer corresponding to 0.3mm – 0.5mm. Thus, the real tooth structure or the dentin layer is not damaged at all. And so you also don’t feel toothless or uncomfortable.

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