When is the benefit of an upper jaw expander in children? -

When is the benefit of an upper jaw expander in children?

When is the benefit of an upper jaw expander in children?

An upper jaw expander is a form of orthodontic treatment that is indicated in certain cases. The doctor will extend the palate of the patient’s mouth, increasing the size of the upper jaw, creating more space for the teeth to grow.

The reason why use the upper jaw expander in orthodontic patients?

Extending the palate and upper jaw is really useful during childhood.

Editing the crossbite. If in principle, the upper teeth must cover the lower teeth. However, for patients with narrow palate, this is the opposite. The teeth of lower jaw will cover the upper teeth. And so, will prevent the development of the upper teeth. This leads to the growth of the upper jaw asymmetrically with the lower jaw, causing underbite.

The upper jaw expander helps to prevent crowded teeth, by creating the proper space for the teeth to grow properly.

Improves breathing ability. When the jaw is narrow and deep, the nose becomes difficult to breathe. At the same time, children will often breathe through the mouth, creating the opportunity for bacteria to attack. Also dry their mouth, leading to bad breath.

These problems will be corrected by the upper jaw expander. As the palate expands, the doctor creates space for all the baby’s teeth to grow in place, at the same time expands the airway through the nose, and develops the correct bite.

The patient’s age use the method of upper jaw expander

According to orthodontist experts, upper jaw expander gives the best results when children under 16.

In case of crossbite, treatment should be done as soon as possible, but no treatment before age 5.

In adults, cases of underbite need to intervene with dental procedures rather than simply extend the upper jaw. If need to expand the upper jaw, orthodontists will recommend the use of jaw bone surgery.

The palate upper jaw expander instrument quickly

The method used to extend the upper jaw depends on the age of the patient and the reason for treatment.

A typical solution is to use a fixed upper jaw expander, fixed to the molars, by attaching to the band around the teeth.

The doctor will adjust the jaw spacing, using a screwdriver located between the instrument. Slowly, gradually, the jaw is pushed apart, and the jaw develops. This helps to increase the width of the palate and upper jaw.

When is the benefit of an upper jaw expander in children?
When is the benefit of an upper jaw expander in children?

In case of surgery to support upper jaw expander

Surgery to support expander the palate and upper jaw is a combination of orthodontics and facial surgery. It is used when the need to expand more than the ability of the expander instrument. The orthopedic surgeon will make segmental cuts on the jawbone, and fixed them with specialized screws. The stretch of the bone will grow out and combine into a new bone.

When is the benefit of an upper jaw expander in children?

Use upper jaw expander instrument removable

This device looks like a removable denture, but is designed with a stainless steel chrome frame.

They are often used when just slightly enlarging upper jaw. And it is often used for older children because this type needs to comply with the instrument application.

The last thing, depending on the child’s age, this instrument also keeps the teeth stable, until all permanent teeth are complete.

When is the benefit of an upper jaw expander in children?

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The oral hygiene when applying the method of upper jaw expander:

This is quite important during orthodontic treatment. When a child carries an upper jaw expander, they need to be cleaned at the same time they brush their teeth.

Need to use fluoride toothpaste to help limit tooth decay.

Advantages and disadvantages of this form of treatment:

  • The upper jaw expander helps correct the bite properly, which makes it easier to breathe and adjust the teeth evenly.
  • However, the cost of treatment will depend on the specific condition of each patient.
  • And feeling uncomfortable when carrying instruments in the mouth. Therefore, for children, parents need to encourage children to add.

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