Early orthodontic treatment in young children -

Early orthodontic treatment in young children

Early orthodontic treatment in young children

Early orthodontic treatment in young children is also known as orthodontics. This method can be started as early as age 6 or 7. At this age, the jaw bone and teeth of children are still growing. And it is a good condition to adjust the teeth grow messy early return to the correct position on the jaw.

It is important that orthodontists always advise patients, the application of early orthodontic treatment is not always possible for every problem. Use only in certain cases, such as crossbite or protruding teeth. The crossbite can cause abnormal development of the jaw bone. In case of protruding teeth, there is a risk of fracture or injury if there is an accident such as falling.

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment

The most noticeable is the early orthodontic intervention, which will take advantage of the moment the jawbone of the developing child. Early orthodontic treatment is useful when the jaw bone is uneven. The orthodontic instrument will help to solve this problem (widen tray, placeholder instrument for teeth…). Of course, it is still necessary to continue with other methods (such as braces), but the time for the braces will be shorter.

Orthodontic braces for children increasingly advanced. New technology has made the baby feel more comfortable during treatment.

And the cost of early orthodontic treatment is also more appropriate. This will help children with orthodontic problems will have access to this effective treatment more.

Oral care when early orthodontic treatment

Good oral hygiene is very important for children who are braces, or are using other orthodontic instruments.

Every day from 3 to 4 times, parents should call the baby rinse mouth with water to remove the food left on the brace. And then brush their teeth thoroughly.

Every night before bedtime, children should use dental floss and mouthwash to keep their teeth healthy.

Early orthodontic treatment in young children

Note: When using dental floss, it is necessary to remove the plaque remaining in the teeth, around the braces, the location where the brush is difficult to touch. It will be difficult initially to bring braces and use dental floss. However, practice many times will get used to it.

Follow the schedule of treatment, follow the instructions of the orthodontist. Or you can actively exchange advice from your doctor about the most effective cleaning methods, help your child always have strong teeth during the period of orthodontic braces.

Early orthodontic treatment process in children

Each patient will have different treatment plans, the duration of braces can vary from 1-3 years, depending on the condition of the baby’s teeth. After the braces are completed, the child must continue to maintain the fixed frame after about 6 months to ensure that the teeth after adjustment has stabilized on the jaw.

You do not have to worry about having to wear braces for so long. Because nowadays through improvements in technology, most patients feel more comfortable than before.

As we share, before entering the period of braces, there will be many cases of early orthodontic treatment (combined).

The doctor will give the child a palate expander instrument to help more plenty of spaces for growing teeth. Or the placeholder tray to hold the space of the missing teeth…

Control the space of palate is a technique in early orthodontic treatment. When a child loses his or her teeth (possibly due to decay or injury), other teeth tend to migrate to missing teeth place and cause deviations. Therefore, for prevention, the orthodontist will give child a “placeholder instrument”, and this will give their permanent teeth a suitable place to grow. And when the permanent teeth appear, develop as expected, there will be no need to wear this device.

This method will help shape the development of the teeth. And prevent your child from having braces in the future.

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