What is the treatment of periodontitis? -

What is the treatment of periodontitis?

What is the treatment of periodontitis?

Periodontitis is not uncommon in Vietnamese people. It may be due to inappropriate dental care or daily activities. So is treatment of periodontitis difficult? And how is the effectiveness of treatment?

For most patients, periodontitis usually comes from severe gingivitis that has not been thoroughly treated. Patients with gingivitis often do not pay close attention to oral hygiene.

As gingivitis worsens, it can turn into periodontitis, and pus-pockets often appear in the root. Patients should proceed to treat periodontitis as soon as possible, avoiding complications that can cause tooth loss.

What is the treatment for periodontitis?
What is the treatment of periodontitis?

So what is the treatment of periodontitis?

Treatment of periodontitis is not simple. The treating physician must be experienced and adhere to the medical safety standards.

As a first step, patients are always examined and advised.

The doctor will do a general examination and focus on the area of ​​the tooth that has periodontitis.

You need X-ray film. It helps doctors accurately assess the condition. From there, doctor will give out appropriate treatment plan.

Some current treatments of periodontitis:

@ Emergency treatment, when purulent gum area or periodontal area is abscess. Depending on the type of inflammation, the doctor will have different treatments.

Why is it called an emergency? Because if the pus is not treated immediately, the periodontitis will worsen very quickly, leading to the risk of tooth loss.

@ Non-surgical treatment of periodontitis will be performed including cleaning tartar below the root. With the purpose of smoothing the surface of the root, and help eliminate toxins produced by bacteria.

Simultaneously combine treatment with topical or oral antibiotics.

In some cases, non-surgical treatment of periodontitis combined with good dental hygiene, periodontal disease will be resolved.

@ Treatment of periodontitis with surgery:

  • If periodontitis is at an advanced stage, surgery will help control it well and support successful treatment outcomes.
  • Surgery helps to regenerate and restore periodontal tissue. In addition, this helps patients with oral hygiene easier.
  • Your doctor may perform a periodontal pocket removal surgery; Reconstructive tissue surgery, gingival surgery to lengthen the crown, or grafted tissue.

@To keep teeth strong and protect the inflamed areas from recurring, patients need maintenance treatment.

  • Should check teeth every 3 months / time, remove tartar, remove plaque after eating thoroughly.
  • Gargle with diluted saline solution, or use a mouthwash with chlohexidine as directed by your doctor.

Is treatment of periodontitis costly and does it take a long time?

This disease needs to be treated and monitored for a long time. After each course of treatment, you will see better results. But if treatment of periodontitis is not thorough, the risk of recurrence is very high.

Therefore, for your own health, please visit and treat at reputable dental centers and experienced doctors.

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