The process of braces is strenuous, is it right? -

The process of braces is strenuous, is it right?

The process of braces is strenuous, is it right?

From people with misaligned teeth turning into beautiful teeth are both a laborious process of both doctors and patients. And from there, there are countless questions around the process of braces is strenuous? We will slowly explore the following.

Braces is strenuous, it’s true, but how much will depend on how each person feels.

Certainly one thing braces won’t cause too much pain. But in the first week, you will feel a little pain, some people will feel numb; Or some people even feel a little tired by eating and not as comfortable as before braces.

And porridge or soup will always accompany you in the early stages of the orthodontic process.

In the first steps, such as tucking elastic-O into gap teeth, to create a distance to attach the band with a hook as a fulcrum will make you feel uncomfortable a bit. But after just 1 week, you’ll get used to that feeling right away.

In the early days of braces (about 2-3 days) if you feel too uncomfortable, your doctor may prescribe pain medicine for you.

It is common to specify tooth extraction at the beginning of orthodontics.

Most orthodontic cases, patients are assigned to extract teeth to create space, helping to pull the dislocated teeth to the right position. The number of teeth to be extracted is sometimes up to 4 teeth.

The time for tooth extraction and wound recovery usually lasts 1 month. Many people will feel sad about having to remove their teeth, but this is essential.

Braces is strenuous on the first few days of the orthodontic process. Because when wearing braces, the mouth is protruding, the lips could not be closed.

After teeth extraction and gums has healed, the doctor will sticks brackets on your teeth. And of course, this will fill your lips slightly higher than normal position. Therefore you’ll feel your lips being protruded.

These will make some of you feel shy, embarrassed in communication and feeling worse before braces.

In general, the beginning is a bit difficult, but then, everything will be better.

Should we give up old eating habits after braces?

Before orthodontics, you can eat comfortably hard or chewy food. But after getting braces, you should stop this habit. Because of that foods will be able to drop brackets during you eat. A small tip: cutting food into smaller pieces will make it easier to chew.

Also, familiar carbonated drinks should be limited. Because water is too cold, or carbonated water will make teeth more sensitive during braces.

Many people think that braces is strenuous, because they have to clean their teeth more carefully than usual.

If before, you only need to do less than 2 minutes to clean the entire face. But now, in the oral hygiene you need to take more care, more thorough.

Advice of experts, for ordinary people to brush their teeth at least 2 minutes/ time, and the number of times to perform at least 2 times/ day.

For those of who are wearing brackets, you need to clean the braces area to keep this area clean. You can use interdental brush, water flosser, dental floss.

Note: tooth hygiene should be gentle, and use a soft bristle brush.

Thus, braces is strenuous but the extent of how much will depend on how you see them. Want to have an alignment teeth and strong teeth, it takes a bit of effort and time is worth it.

Braces is strenuous but have great results
Braces is strenuous but have great results

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