Can braces without teeth extraction? -

Can braces without teeth extraction?

Can braces without teeth extraction?

Orthodontic braces today are no stranger to many people. However, the problem of braces without teeth extraction is still a concern in the majority of patients who have orthodontic needs.

There are many customers despite the fact that they need to correct their teeth. However, when referring to the problem of tooth extraction, they are confused and don’t want to treat anymore. So, can apply braces without teeth extraction in any situation?

Why are braces without teeth extraction less than regular orthodontic with teeth extraction cases?

Most orthodontic patients have an imbalance problem between their teeth and jaw. Some people have severe disparities, some are milder. However, the consequences have brought a crooked, crowded teeth, not enough space for teeth to grow in the right position. That is why most orthodontic treatment are indicated for tooth extraction.

We need to remember the main purpose of tooth extraction when braces are to create space on the jaw. And thanks to that space, the other teeth will move to the proper position.

When the doctor examines and recommends the extraction, the patient will usually be spit at least 2 teeth. There are many cases of having to extract more, and the fear of appearing is understandable.

Some cases of braces without teeth extraction are commonly used as follows:

@ The baby in growing age. During this stage, the jawbone of the child is still developing. This is the advantage for adjusting jaw bone enlargement, making space suitable for moving teeth. And the result is no need to extract teeth when braces but still give high orthodontic effect.

@ Sparse braces. When the teeth are sparse, of course, the gaps in the jaw will be more than the situation of crowded teeth. And then, you don’t need to extract teeth to create space. The braces will be more comfortable.

@ The wide jaw enough to move the teeth that are deflecting back to the desired position without having to extract teeth. There will be many questions, how to accomplish this miracle. We find out through the information in the next section immediately.

How does Quoc Binh Dental Clinic perform braces without teeth extraction?

In orthodontic techniques today, braces have appeared many different schools. However, they all have the same purpose to bring the most effective treatment.

Doctors at Quoc Binh dental clinic are constantly learning, and proficiently applying advanced orthodontic techniques. Therefore, in all cases of patients suffering, we also have effective treatments.

With widen jaw technique applied to adults, it has become an advantage to help patients with braces without teeth extraction. Reduce anxiety and create comfort for patients.

Although braces without teeth extraction are still applied for adults, but please note some important points later:

If you are experiencing a lot of crowded teeth, and the jaw has developed in harmony with the face. At that time, you still need to extract teeth before braces.

So, instead of bewildered when you don’t know how you are. Let book a face-to-face appointment with a Specialist at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic as soon as possible!

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