Why do we have sensitive teeth? Causes and Treatments -

Why do we have sensitive teeth? Causes and Treatments

Why do we have sensitive teeth? Causes and Treatments

The state of tooth sensitivity – not one’s own business. If you feel that your teeth are sensitive when eating something is hot or cold, sour or too sweet … then it may be a sign of sensitive teeth. It is very easy to be seen when the dentist survey on 100 patients came to dental clinic, about 80% of customers had sensitive teeth.

The feeling of sensitive teeth makes the patient uncomfortable in their day life. And especially, it will be extremely uncomfortable to enjoy the delicacies they love that were hindered by sensitive teeth.

So why do most of us experience sensitive teeth condition? Let’s find out the following reason:

If you think that food is the cause of this situation, please confirm that it isn’t accurate information.

The main cause of sensitive teeth is tooth sensitivity. This situation will appear from less to more. When the enamel layer protects your teeth from becoming fragile, or if you have receded gums and exposed dentin, then you will immediately feel uncomfortable.

According to the structure of a normal tooth, enamel encompasses dentin, dentin covering the pulp cavity, including the system of very sensitive nerve nodes. When dentin is exposed, external agents can irritate the nerves in the teeth, causing teeth to become sensitive.

Why do we have sensitive teeth? Causes and Treatments
Why do we have sensitive teeth? Causes and Treatments

Thus, the most noticeable cause of tooth sensitivity is the erosion of tooth enamel, exposing dentin and receding gums.

Why is tooth enamel abraded? We have some impact factors as follows:

  • Worn tooth enamel due to high acidic food (food/ drink), or long-lasting acid.
  • Brushing too hard or using a high-abrasive detergent makes the enamel protecting the teeth wear out gradually.
  • In addition, strong brushing and horizontal brushing will reduce the gumline.

Your life will become more difficult, even if a light breeze blowing through your teeth will make your tooth sensitivity.

Why do we have sensitive teeth? Causes and Treatments
Why do we have sensitive teeth? Causes and Treatments

So how to reduce sensitive teeth? Or it’s better to prevent tooth sensitivity when they haven’t yet occurred

@ If you are having sensitive teeth:

  • Need to see a dentist immediately for specific examination and counseling. Your doctor will identify some risks that are harmful to your teeth. Also guide how to take care of your teeth best.
  • If the cause of tooth sensitivity is due to a receding gum, then filling the area will help you reduce the sensitivity immediately. Or if the gum recedes too much, gum graft surgery can be used.
  • If the enamel wear exposes dentin, then depending on the level of dentin exposure, there will be different treatment directions.
  • Helping reduce this condition quickly, you can use specialized products for sensitive teeth. Like a sensitive reducing gel, toothpaste has a sensitive reducing ingredient of Colgate brand, P / S, KIN …
  • At the same time, should change the habit of brushing teeth every day. Replace hard bristle toothbrush with a soft bristle. Brush your teeth gently, rotate in the upper-lower direction, avoid horizontal brushing.
  • Use dental floss instead of using toothpicks.
  • Can use diluted salt water, or mouthwash products that do not contain alcohol.

@ If you don’t have this condition, you should prevent it early.

  • Visit dentist every 6 months.
  • Properly brush your teeth, use appropriate oral hygiene products.
  • Avoid eating foods that are too hard or highly acidic. If you eat foods that are too sour, you should use water to filter the mouth, to eliminate the harmful effects of acid remaining on your teeth.

Sensitive teeth is quite common, but it isn’t normal. This is a sign that needs attention.

If you are experiencing this condition, immediately go to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic to be examined and treated thoroughly by doctors.

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