The reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau -

The reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau

The reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau

Dental Implant is a wonderful gift that advanced medical technology has given to everyone. The value is the existence through smile, and the comfort of the patient’s life. Currently, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is a reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau, always accompanies to improve the quality of your dental health.

Why should you choose a reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau if you are living in this beautiful coastal city?

Implant is considered a new tooth to replace lost teeth effectively in all cases. It can also be judged that this is the regeneration of permanent teeth for adults. Help you have strong, durable teeth and the most natural smile.

Implant transplantation is the surgical process, directly interfering with the human body. Specifically, it is the placement of Titanium metal cylinders into the jaw bone at the point of tooth loss. This process requires doctors to perform highly specialized, and so much practical experience. Also need to achieve implants certificates, as well as a spirit of devotion for the health of patients.

Another factor also contributed greatly to the success of the transplant; It is the equipment in the clinic that must meet the quality standards. The clinic must be clean and have a sterile surgery room to ensure compliance with the standards of the Ministry of Health; And it is important to be licensed by the Department of Health to qualify for this advanced professional service.

Reference: Quoc Binh Dental Clinic – a reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau  – License No. 0201 / SYT-GPHĐ

At present, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has put into service 3-dimensional image diagnosis system CT Conebeam, implant software assumes… This modern technology has made dental Implant extremely convenient and reach the level high precision.

Up to now, the clinic has performed more than 3000 successful dental implants. Not only for patients in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, but also for a small number of foreigners coming to settle or travel in Vung Tau city.

What will you experience when choosing a dental restoration service at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic – The reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau?

Only 6 steps in accordance with international standards, you will have your teeth as strong as new.

@Step 1-Check-up and free consultation

The specialist will check and evaluate your dental condition.

Proposing treatment options to best preserve your remaining teeth.

@Step 2-Take 3-dimensional CT Conebeam film.

Apply this modern technique to help determine the quality and actual condition of the jawbone, as well as adjacent teeth.

Since then, professional doctors will have a treatment plan and choose the most suitable type of Implant.

Note: in this step, if you are determined that the jaw bone is missing, is not eligible for transplantation, you need to have an extra bone grafting.

CT Conebeam
CT Conebeam

@Step 3-Conduct transplant surgery

The total implementation time for 1 case of 1-4 teeth is usually 15-30 minutes. During the implementation process, professional doctors at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic always have specialized equipment to control and avoid errors.

After the surgery, during a healing period, you may need to do a temporary restoration crown (in a cosmetic position). This temporary crown helps you to live normally, without being embarrassed in communication.

As the above content, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic – The reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau has shared 3 important steps to help you get a new tooth. Next are 3 steps to help you get the perfect new tooth.

@Step 4 – Re-examination after Implant surgery.

After a week or 10 days, the patient will return to the clinic to cut the thread and check the status of the transplanted area.

@Step 5-Restoring the complete porcelain crown on Implant

From 3 to 6 months after transplantation, patients will be made porcelain crown prosthesis on Implant.

There are porcelain crowns that can be selected such as metal porcelain, zirconia porcelain, Cercon HT porcelain, Zolid porcelain crown…

Porcelain crowns will be fastened on abutment (pillars connecting Implant and porcelain crowns) to form complete teeth. Dental Implant will look exactly like real teeth.

@Step 6 – Periodically re-examine and ensure the quality of surgery successfully.

The patient will be examined by a doctor at the reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau. At these checks, the doctor will determine the stability of Implant. In addition, they will check the general dental condition to see how the new teeth are adapted.

After completing the above procedure at the reputable Implant transplant center in Vung Tau, you have the perfect new tooth right away. However, in order to make Implant permanent, you should note the following:

  • Don’t smoke cigarettes before and after transplant for at least 3 months.
  • Don’t chew too much in the area of ​​surgery at the first week.
  • No impact (pry, pinch, bump) into Implant position after transplanting.
  • When there is a lot of continuous bleeding (more than 2 days), an infection at the transplant site, contact a doctor and come back to the clinic immediately to check.
  • Oral hygiene according to the doctor’s instructions.

The quality of Implant surgery depends on a lot of factors, in which choosing the right place to meet international standards is very important. This is also the reason why when you are living in Vung Tau and want to make dental Implant; We should choose a reputable Implant transplant Center in Vung Tau to ensure you have the best safety and quality of treatment.

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