Is Zolid dental porcelain crown suitable you? -

Is Zolid dental porcelain crown suitable you?

Is Zolid dental porcelain crown suitable you?

Zolid dental porcelain crown is made from Zolid porcelain, which is a dental porcelain material used in cosmetic dentistry and very popular in the world. At present, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is using this kind of porcelain for dental restorations, with medium cost but good quality.

And the question that most of our customers ask us is Zolid dental porcelain crown suitable for them? Let’s find out.

Is Zolid dental porcelain crown suitable you?
Is Zolid dental porcelain crown suitable you?

@ Ingredients of Zolid dental porcelain crown:

The main ingredient is Zirconia. Ceramill Zolid porcelain have the mechanical and optical properties for long-term stability. And quality has been clinical evidence by German Dental Association can be used over 40 years.

Whether for single crown or porcelain bridge, durability during use and aesthetics are always met.

Ceramill Zolid porcelain remains at an optimum crystalline temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius, resulting in stronger physical and mechanical properties than real teeth.

@ Advantages of Zolid dental porcelain crown

High durability: this is a porcelain crown that can withstand pressure up to 1400Mpa, and the strength is 5 times higher than real teeth. Therefore, you are completely comfortable eating chewing, don’t worry about break when using this porcelain crown.

Superior aesthetics: If you look at the naked eye, you won’t be able to distinguish between porcelain crown and real teeth. Color, shine, luminance … completely let you feel like no dentures in the mouth. And this makes you very confident in communication.

The most prominent feature when compared with full porcelain and metal frame is the phenomenon of black gum. Zolid dental porcelain crown completely without this phenomenon.

Biological compatibility with the human body: the material makes Zolid porcelain crown completely benign. Highly compatible with any body. In particular, porcelain surface is handled well to avoid the phenomenon of adhesion of food. And do not change color even if you use food, drink color is dark.

Long term stability: With a warranty policy of 10 years (with warranty card). Customers can be assured of using and always be supported to handle any issues related to product quality.

Why should choose Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is the place where do dental porcelain aesthetic?

  • With over 20 years experience in dental treatment and restoration for all customers.
  • Have a team of doctors with strong professional knowledge. And always trained skills from specialized training organizations inside and outside the country.
  • Regularly update international trends, as well as modern dental porcelain techniques. Helps patients achieve the highest quality of treatment.
  • Always use the advanced equipment and apply sterile medical procedures, providing a very safe treatment environment for patients.

So answering the questions that you always request, in addition to the information mentioned above. You need to check reality by a specialist cosmetic prosthetics in Quoc Binh Dental Clinic.

Depending on the body nature of each patient. Depending on the actual state of the disease in the mouth. The doctors will help you choose the best dental porcelain crown.

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