Implant dentures bridge -

Implant dentures bridge

Implant dentures bridge

Implant dentures bridge on the same function as the porcelain bridge that you hear. However, instead of the real teeth being grinded around the crown and become the main post, the implant will replace that position. In most cases, the implants will be implanted into the missing teeth position. And the porcelain crown will be placed on top, linking all in one block.

When is implant dentures bridge used?

This situation applies when the patient loses more than one tooth.

Or when individual single implants are at high risk for pressure (such as grinding teeth). Making Implant dentures bridge will help to distribute part of the pressure evenly.

It should be noted: Before Implantation, make sure that the adjacent teeth, jaw bone and gums are healthy. If you have gingivitis, you need to be cured; If bone is missing, then grafting bone before implantation.

What is the difference between a implant dentures bridge?

In some situations, the doctor won’t be able to attach multiple individual implants to certain positions on your jaw.

Doctors will have to choose the solution of implant dentures bridge, when the placement of Implant too close to the nerve; Or sinuses on your upper jaw.

In that case, the doctor will need to put two implants apart and make teeth bridge. Avoiding a risky position for you.

What is the difference of transplant process when making the Implant dentures bridge?

  • The whole implant transplant process when make a denture bridge on implants is identical to a single dental implants.
  • It consists of two stages: transplant phase, and stick the porcelain denture on Implant.
  • The time between these two periods is 3-6 months.
  • In addition, before the transplant, you will receive a general dental check-up. Assign the tests and CT conebeam scan (for screening and treatment planning).
  • If imaging results show that you are deficient in bone, your doctor will advise you on bone grafting before inserting implant.

The stages to be noted during the course of treatment.

@ Without bone grafting:

Stage 1: implant transplantation into the jaw.

Stage 2: do Implant dentures bridge.

@ If you need more bone grafting:

Stage of preparation: bone grafting and wait 5-6 months for new bone to develop.

Stage 1: implant transplantation on the jawbone and wait for stability before bridging. (about 5-6 months)

Stage 2: Prosthetics of denture bridge.

Detailed steps for you to refer to in the article:

“International Implant Transplantation Process”

What are the difference between dental implant dentures bridge and porcelain bridge on real teeth?

Making porcelain bridge on the real teeth, patients will be attached porcelain crowns on the real teeth.

Making dentures bridge on Implant, patients will be attached porcelain on the Abutment connection. And the abutment will be attached to the Implant to form a single block.

Implant is made of Titanium. And Abutment also made of Titanium or porcelain.

The kind of material or implants, or abutment, the specialist will help you choose the most suitable.

How to care for implant dentures bridge?

Certainly, you will have better oral care than before.

You may need to clean the area between the gums and the denture bridge with small brushes. You also need to use dental floss designed for dental implants.

And follow your doctor’s appointment schedule.

Answer some small questions, related to dental implants:

@ What are on the X-rays?

You can see implant in the jaw. And see the denture bridge above.

@ Possible risks after transplant:

Implant may not integrate bone and be excreted.

The screws connecting the abutment and the implant can be loose, making the abutment loose and causing the bridge to swing.

Maybe, there also be situations where the patient puts too much pressure on the dentures bridges causing the bridge to break.

So should we do the implant dentures bridge?

The answer is depending on your needs.

However, the benefits of dental implant dentures bridge are so great compared to wearing removable dentures.

You will feel more comfortable. Feeling sure, not afraid to fall.

And especially, implant dentures bridge is like real teeth

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