Cercon Porcelain Crown - Aesthetic dental porcelain standards beautiful -

Cercon Porcelain Crown – Aesthetic dental porcelain standards beautiful

Cercon Porcelain Crown

Aesthetic porcelain crown are no longer strange to everyone. And depending on the needs of each patient or treatment area, your doctor will advise you the most appropriate porcelain crown. We have metal porcelain crown, Titanium porcelain crown. Especially at present, Cercon porcelain crown are very good quality porcelain crown which are believed.

So how many kind of Cercon porcelain crown, and how about characteristic?

Cercon porcelain crown is a line of high quality dental porcelain products. There are two types of Cercon and Cercon HT.

@ Cercon porcelain crown or also called Cercon zirconia:

With strong, solid advantages and high biological compatibility.

The frame are made of zirconia porcelain, completely overcome the weakness of the metal porcelain formerly. When using this type, the patient will no longer encounter the condition of the gingival black, the color is very real and not change color as the light shines through.

Thus, this is the dental porcelain is suitable for the area of cosmetic teeth.

@ Cercon HT:

The frame are also made from Zirconia but have a thickness of ~ 0.5mm. This helps you not to grind your teeth a lot.

Cercon HT porcelain crown outstanding in material durability, good chewing resistance, high abrasion resistance. Therefore, ensure long-term stability.

The color of this porcelain crown is designed as a natural tooth. Therefore, the patient can choose to make aesthetic incisors, or molar teeth area.

However, the only drawback of Cercon porcelain crown is cost. Because the whole tooth is made of high quality material, the price of the product will be high in the cost scale.

Cercon HT, because the frame is thin, so with some cases of real teeth crown are too dark color, this porcelain crown can’t cover all.

Analysis of some outstanding features of Cercon porcelain crown:

@ High aesthetics:

Cercon & Cercon HT porcelain crown are whole porcelain crown, so they don’t cause blacking of the teeth, or metallic luster in the crown.

Applying modern CAD / CAM technology, so from shape to detail is very accurate. Bring the flawless beauty to your teeth.

@ Pressure resistance ability better than real teeth:

Are you surprised to hear this information? This is a very good feature of this porcelain tooth.

The strength of the chewing force is very good, so you can feel secure when using this porcelain for all positions.

@ High bio-compatibility:

Because of the composition of dental porcelain completely consistent and quality, with high biological compatibility. It does not cause allergic reactions to the gum tissue or tissue of the human body.

@ Standard size for tight fit:

Cercon & Cercon HT porcelain crown have absolute tightness. Ensure you have a beautiful teeth, natural, have not gap between teeth (cause bacteria buildup bad breath).

Especially, the surface of the coating has anti-adhesive structure, so it will not cause the phenomenon of color or plaque. Helps whiten and longevity.

Advantages of porcelain crown technology CAD / CAM:

Porcelain crown are made to exact detail.

Time to make porcelain crown shortened to only 1-3 days, instead of 5-7 days as before.

The tooth structure is high load-bearing and long lasting durability.

Helping the process of making dental porcelain fast and safe for patients

Important note when performing aesthetic dental treatment:

  • Choosing where to perform must have a good specialist, reputation, warranty clear.
  • Implement proper oral hygiene: brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, floss for cleaning food plaque.
  • Limit food chewing too hard, too tough or high temperature difference.
  • Should eat both chewing teeth, to load the balance on the jaw, avoid excessive concentration on a certain point.

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