Attention should be paid to oral health for seniors when you are over 55 years old -

Attention should be paid to oral health for seniors when you are over 55 years old

Attention should be paid to oral health for seniors when you are over 55 years old

As we know, the older you get, the health you will need to pay more attention, especially the oral health for seniors. We only have one permanent tooth replacement in our lifetime, so take good care of them.

Often you will find that about 75% of people over 60 will lose a lot of real teeth. The common causes usually revolve around serious gum disease. And when more than 65 years of age, the complications from heart disease, diabetes … dramatically diminished oral health for seniors.

Some illnesses that are very common in old age, will make you have to be careful early.

Alzheimer’s disease:

This disease has a very serious impact on thinking, behavior, and memory functions. Patients may forget how to brush their teeth, or why they need to brush their teeth. So if no one is helping, the patient will lose his or her teeth. This is considered to be a cause of oral health for seniors.


  • Just over age 50, you will often hear about this disease. This disease is very common, it makes our bone quality decrease. Bones will decrease in density and break easily. This is most often seen in postmenopausal women.
  • As the quality of the jawbone decreases, there is a greater risk of root tooth decay. And losing your teeth is not going to happen sooner or later.
  • If the patient is treated for osteoporosis with certain medications, in some cases the risk of caseation is increased. This damages the jawbone and affects oral health for seniors.

Understanding of diseases that impair oral health for seniors:

In fact, gum disease, tooth decay, sensitive teeth, dry mouth are worrying at this age. Let’s find out together.

@Gingivitis: When your teeth are filled with tartar, it can lead to gum inflammation, swelling and slipped downwards. Gingivitis is only the first stage of gum disease, with redness, bleeding in the gums. In older people, gum disease develops severely due to the habit of not taking good oral hygiene care early. However, if the patient see a dentist and treat it seriously, the condition will be significantly reduced.

@Tooth decay, root tooth decay: Don’t think tooth decay is only in children. In older people or over age 55, cavities still develop strongly. In particular, if accompanied by gum disease. Therefore, it is important for older adults to clean their teeth and clean their gums. Removing plaque even under the gum line.

@Sensitive teeth: In our daily lives, we may have a great time enjoying a cool glass of water. However, the sensitivity feeling of the teeth will break the excitement. Some factors cause tooth sensitivity, including brushing with bristle brushes, worn out enamel, or cracking. To improve, you should brush your teeth properly and use some products to help reduce dental sensitivity.

@Dry mouth: When the amount of saliva in the mouth is too low, it leads to dry mouth. This condition may be a side effect of some medications, or simply because of old age. When dry mouth, the natural protective environment for dental health in the elderly people will decrease. Therefore, salivary deficiency will promote the development of cavities, and lead to the risk of tooth loss.

How to protect oral health for seniors?

  • Maintaining a dental appointment regularly, even if you are wearing a denture.
  • Should brush your teeth twice a day, at least every 2 minutes, and use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Using dental floss to remove plaque between teeth, avoid using toothpicks.
  • Limit sugar from confectionery, soft drinks or too much starch.
  • No smoking. Because tobacco contains harmful ingredients for your health
  • If you are suffering from a medical condition, medications can cause dry mouth. Talk to your doctor to improve this. Or if you can’t change the medicine, you should drink plenty of water, eat fruit and vegetables. Avoid drinking alcohol as it will dehydrate your body.
Attention should be paid to oral health for seniors when you are over 55 years old
Attention should be paid to oral health for seniors when you are over 55 years old

Thus, keeping oral health for seniors will help us live a comfortable, gentle, joyful life with family.

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