Surgery reveals latent tooth in the bone. -

Surgery reveals latent tooth in the bone.

Surgery reveals latent tooth in the bone.

Latent tooth in the bone is considered to be quite common in current oral diseases. And the harm brought to the patient is not small. It can be seen that the common latent tooth are wisdom teeth or pre-molar teeth. An effective solution to this situation is surgery to reveal the latent tooth in the bone.

First, let’s take a look at the reasons why there are latent tooth in the bone?

When one or more teeth develop in the upper jaw, or the lower jaw without growing to the bone surface, it is called the latent tooth.

There are many causes for this situation:

  • The excess teeth, not identified name.
  • Wisdom teeth grow late. There is no space for teeth number 8 in the right place.
  • Deviation in teething, trapping the teeth in the jaw and not jutting out of the gums.

There are teeth that are trapped, but do not affect other teeth. However, most latent tooth often compete with the permanent teeth and cause serious consequences. The most obvious is that it damages the teeth, causing bone cysts, or push the teeth are growing properly be shaken, risk of tooth loss. And it can also cause permanent teeth to deviate.

What are the advantages of latent tooth surgery?

As described above, latent tooth can easily cause inflammation of the teeth. They cause gingivitis, extrusion of the tooth root cause tooth compression and the formation of inflammation (abscess) in the alveolar bone. Surgery the latent teeth in the bones and the removal of the inflammatory area are needed.

Rescues the permanent teeth which is being attacked by latent tooth. Helps restore the integrity of your teeth.

Procedure for treatment:

Step 1: Examination. Your doctor will check-up your current situation. Identify pathological problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, tartar.

Step 2: Specify X-ray film. Full scan of the jaw to check the condition of the latent teeth in the jaw.

Step 3: Anesthesia treatment area. The doctor will give anesthesia according to the respective treatment area of the latent teeth.

Step 4: Perform surgery.

Treatment will depend on the individual circumstances. After the surgery discloses the latent teeth, if the treatment does not retain the teeth, it will be removed.

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In the case of orthodontic pulling, it will be attached the bracket to the surface and pull it outward, leading to the correct position on the jaw.

Surgery reveals latent tooth in the bone.
Surgery reveals latent tooth in the bone.

Step 5: Examination and follow-up on schedule.

Advantages of performing a latent tooth surgery in Quoc Binh Dental Clinic.

Experienced doctors, more than 20 years of dental treatment.

The process is smoothly done quickly.

Standard equipment, and absolutely sterile.

Surgery reveals latent tooth in the bone.
Surgery reveals latent tooth in the bone.

Notes after surgery:

  • Observe the correct dosage and duration of use.
  • Avoid touching areas of surgery: do not eat chewing, brush teeth, palpate.
  • Avoid eating hard foods, moderate temperature (not too hot).
  • No smoking or alcohol after surgery.

In particular: To reduce bruising or swelling, you can apply cold on the cheeks in the corresponding area of the place that has just been surgically treated for the first 2 days.

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