6 Causes of halitosis that few people think of them -

6 Causes of halitosis that few people think of them

6 Causes of halitosis that few people think of them

Surely in life, you will sometimes encounter the dilemma in communication when the breath suddenly smells unpleasant. Bad breath (halitosis) makes you lose confidence and extremely shy when having to talk to the opposite person. There are many causes of this situation, there are also many rescue solutions. Let’s find out together.

  1. Drinking alcohol at night, and having halitosis immediately the next morning.

After a tired day of work, you tend to want to party a little after work. Drinking some beer, or wine, and sipping some junk food, or fruit will help you feel relaxed and happy. However, the consequence you will receive is halitosis the next morning.

Especially if you drink alcohol, the situation is more serious. Because alcohol will dry out the mouth. This happens when saliva – the natural mouthwash – is not released enough. The bacteria will then develop causing bad breath.

With some caffeinated drinks, or spicy foods, or cigarettes also can cause the same situation.

  1. The upper surface of the tongue is the site of bacterial aggregation and also the place that causes halitosis

The bacteria in the throat, beneath the tongue and on the tongue break down the protein bonds in your mouth. They then release sulfur stinking compounds.

There are countless types of bacteria in your mouth. Including the type of neutral smell, or create a stench…

Scientists are seeking to create preparations to kill odor-producing colonies. While waiting for these types of products are published. The best way to limit bad breath, you should brush your teeth, shave your tongue, using dental floss for good oral hygiene.

6 Causes of halitosis that few people think of them
6 Causes of halitosis that few people think of them.
  1. Low-carb diets can also cause halitosis to appear.

People who are having diet to lose weight often try to reduce sugary and starchy foods. At the same time force the body to provide energy for the brain and other organs with stored fat. During this process delta 8 blue dream, your body releases ketones. And when you breathe, it smells like acetone – the smell of nail polish remover.

Thus, if the odor that appears during the diet has the same sign as above, you need to change your eating habits. Or if you still want to eat low-carb, you can only use fragrant preparations to hide the smell.

  1. Cold and sinusitis

The patient will be surprised to find that colds and sinus infections are the causes of halitosis. In fact, this isn’t the direct cause of bad breath in the mouth. But when the infection in this area will create odors escaping through the mouth.

Or even without infections, chronic cases of stuffy nose, or breathing through your mouth will dry out your mouth. This is the cause of halitosis in this subject.

  1. Side effects of the drug

When you treat a number of diseases in the body, medication is needed. And among them will be drugs that produce side effects that inhibit salivation. This will cause your mouth to become dry and halitosis to appear

The solution of this problem is asking your doctor to change other medications, or drink water regularly in small sips. You can chew sugar-free gum that stimulates the salivary glands to work, or use preparations that cover the odor.

  1. Does cracked tooth, or fillings cause halitosis?

  • One reason not to be missed that makes your mouth smell bad is the condition of cracked teeth without treatment. In those damaged areas, bacteria will grow.
  • Or even when cavities have been treated. But at the filling position is open, and bacteria attach to multiply and grow. This is also the cause of bad breath.

So the dental examination is very important. This habit will help you to identify risks early and treat them immediately.

Above have just shared 6 causes of halitosis that few people think of. Quoc Binh Dental Clinic will continue to share some of the remaining causes in the next article. Please look forward to the news!

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