What other causes of bad breath? -

What other causes of bad breath?

What other causes of bad breath?

As mentioned before, you have known six quite unexpected causes of halitosis. So in this article, we will explore six other reasons why you accidentally get bad breath.

  1. Purulent tonsillitis produces tonsil stones with a terrible smell, which make the bad breath

This is a disease that makes people very uncomfortable because the stench comes from the small white pebbles in the holes of the tonsils.

These tonsil stones are made up of bacteria and organic substances that nourish them, such as dead cells, mucus, and leftovers. These tonsil stones give off a stinking smell that makes you always have bad breath.

Purulent tonsillitis produces tonsil stones with a terrible smell, which make the bad breath
Purulent tonsillitis produces tonsil stones with a terrible smell, which make the bad breath
  1. Dried fruit is also the cause of bad breath

Fresh fruit is actually very good for health. Although they contain quite high sugar content, they also provide a lot of water. Dried fruits have completely evaporated water and the sugar is concentrated. By using dried fruit, you help the sugar-loving bacteria grow and cause bad breath.

On the other hand, these foods are often easy to stick to teeth. And also creates an environment for bacteria to grow.

So after eating dried fruits, you need to clean your teeth.

  1. Heartburn and GERD

If you have GERD, or heartburn often, this can also cause bad breath. And this odor is usually the smell of gas released from the stomach.

  1. Smoking tobacco 100% cause bad breath

The affirmation is completely accurate. In smokers, their mouth always smells bad. And the smell of burnt tobacco made many people around are uncomfortable.

On the other hand, in these people dry mouth always occurs. Saliva that is not adequately secreted will not be able to clean the oral cavity, and thereby cause bad breath. Gingivitis also appears in smokers. And this inflammation also causes bad breath.

  1. An indispensable spice in Asian dishes and also the cause of bad breath. That is garlic.

Eating fresh garlic makes bad breath badly. Even when you rinse your mouth, the smell of garlic still lingers quite a lot. Even if the food is processed but contains garlic, your body can still smell garlic.

The smell of garlic can come from the mouth, breath and even sweat. The smell of garlic is strong because some compounds in garlic last a long time in the blood and end in the lungs when you exhale.

Regular toothpaste cannot smash the bad breath caused by the smell of garlic.

A few tips below can help you solve this problem quickly. Chew some mint or apple leaves or you can use milk, parsley, lemon juice and green tea.

  1. In addition to the above causes, the following common dental problems will be the most common cause of bad breath

@Gingivitis, periodontitis.

When the gums are often swollen, inflamed, easy to bleed, appear pus under the root of teeth, your mouth will surely have an unpleasant odor.

This will be solved when you go to the dental clinic and be treated thoroughly.

@ Accumulated tartar is the environment for bacteria to grow and cause bad breath. If you are in this situation, you need to go to the dentist to clean the tartar.

And remember to get into the habit of 6 months / time to go to the dentist and get clean tartar.

@ Dentures without proper hygiene will also cause persistent bad breath.

Dentures, just like real teeth, need daily hygiene care. Especially if you use removable plastic dentures, then after a period of time under the influence of the oral environment, often the dentures will smell.

On the other hand, after a period of use dentures also have changes that create gaps and bacteria easily penetrate into causing bad breath. Therefore, patients should pay attention to careful oral hygiene care.

So we have known quite a lot of information about the causes of halitosis. Prevention can be done on your own and may also require the help of a doctor.

Dentures are also the cause of persistent bad breath
Dentures are also the cause of persistent bad breath

However, the most important thing is to practice routine periodic dental examinations; Eat well and take care of your teeth every day.

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